Writing about writing

Hey y’all. Just another sad soul studying for GP and I started wondering, since when did writing get so tough? Writing should be just…writing right? (HA HA what a mouthful) I mean, #throwback to when all writing meant was to choose your favourite genre and start writing! (hands up if you remember that) and since WHEN exactly did an essay grade become so important that it basically determines which course you’ll be stuck in for the rest of your life? Writing should be cathartic, therapeutic and just straight from the soul, no such nonsense of memorizing and regurgitating facts on yet another blank foolscap piece! Yeah sure, you can CHOOSE to do the expository but I don’t see the need in being forced to write an essay out of 12 topics in the exam. Bleargh. Pardon the incoherance, I’m just pretty fed up about GP.

(Sidenote: ooh wordpress even has a wordcount thingy)


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