Proud to be local

I’m back in Singapore! And it’s bloody hot I might add. With temperatures ranging from 34 to 36(?!!!) degrees celsius, it’s no wonder I’ve had to take a shower earlier this morning. 

However, complaining about the weather YET again, is not the point of this point. I’ve decided that, instead of wallowing in another day of self pity and Korea-withdrawal symptoms, I am going to appreciate all that we have on this sunny (more like scorching now) island.

Backtrack to about ten minutes back, I was an 18 year old, with approximately $3 in my pocket. I was terribly afraid that this could not guarantee me a full meal but thankfully a lifesaver proceeded to remind me of the “hawker centre”! Ah, how could I have forgotten. The days of squeezing with the parents on often dirtied stools, a symbol of how much people enjoyed their food. The standing around waiting for a table, the taking turns to order drinks, the power to pick from an extensive selection of hawker food, and not to forget, the sweating, yes the sweating. Thank goodness it’s all part of the fun right?

Now that I’m alone eating now for a change, on this fateful day, I am also feeling very reflective. I ordered a good ol’ plate of char kuay teow by the way (no beansprouts DUH) I am so thankful that no matter how picky I am/was, I can always get this belly filled as long as I’m at a hawker centre. Maybe my tastebuds haw been local-fied. (Did I just try to do a Shakespeare? Oh god. Thank goodness no one reads this thing)

Thick-ish rice noodles fried and generously coated in dark/black sauce (hey i never said i was a cook) then sprinkled with a variety of ingredients from hum (cockles i think) to chinese sausage and fishcake (yay!!!!) mmmm nothing at the moment is more pleasing to the palate than this. Don’t get me wrong, I’m 101% as much of a Rice person as the next Asian (wait, poking fun at my own race is not considered racist right? :0) but this was just a craving. And I’m beyond satisfied now. I mean, what else sounds more satisfying than kway teow deliciously fried to perfection that leaves one with an oily mouth? Oily, but happy. Granted my chopstick skills were probably a disgrace to my Asian heritage but eating the noodles was nontheless enjoyable. Yum.

I think food was what I missed most of Singapore, other than my family. Hawker food more than fills your tummy, it feels your heart for every bite of the food you take, tastes like home.

(Cheesy as fk but I really do love hawker food)




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