Hey, I’m up from a night of not-so-good sleep after Farewell. (Up since 8 I mean!! Bloody alarm…) I am being quiteee the night owl. 

Heh. Anyway what I wanted to say hear was kind of a little reflection on how I have grown. I was comparing polaroids from last year and this year. I took more last year. I’m glad this year I didn’t just put myself out there and even sort of forced myself to take pictures with people I didn’t even want to. This year  i finally know who are the important ones and left out all the rest. 

If you ask me, life’s really too short y’know. Too short to be with people you don’t like, even to waste your breath. Do things you like,  your life with joy and laughter. 

A friend once asked me whether she should continue hanging with this group that made her feel bad about herself. That was the moment of epiphany for me. Why waste time on them when you can use that time to form stronger friendships with those that make you stronger? Happier? Better in general? We’ve all been through that phase- you know, the one where we’re in a clique but not in. Where you’ve had to change and not be yourself to fit in? How ironic. 

Surround yourself with strong people, or simply thise that make you happy. Those are the best friendships and I’m glad I made a few in this choir.

Until we meet again




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