As the days draw near, I seem to have adopted an attitude of nonchalance about my upcoming Mid Year Examinations, and to be honest I’m way more afraid of this attitude of mine than I ever will be of any exam. Afterall in Singapore, you’ll learn to be resigned to your fate, sooner or later. You’ll have to take that bloody exam anyway, might as well fret less and do it with your eyes closed. Despite the many “milestones” you’re made to go through, nothing other than your A Levels counts eventually.

Students in Singapore have essentially the Worst of both worlds, or worlds beyond 2 even. This is beginning to sound overly pessimistic but how can you not be? After experiencing a life in a society where everyone has tuition and eats Stress for lunch? 

Seriously? We all know it’s just a joke when they call it the June Holidays right? And we’re not kidding. I mean, has anyone EVER looked up the meaning of “holiday” in the dictionary? I definitely don’t mean the Singapore dictionary. I believe the true meaning has at least something along the lines of “rest, relaxation, leisure” maybe even? HA HA. Fat hope man. 

Students, especially JC students walk around with their eyes barely open, often lugging a bag full of mugging materials. What does it tell you when Starbucks becomes just another place for the mugging cycle to take place? When JC kids start sprouting white hair? When dark eye circles and eyebags are nothing uncommone? When staying up late is no longer due to insomnia but rather due to perhaps, this evil thing called H******k? 

Speaking of which, oh dear I’m afraid I’ve spent far too much time blogging, do you KNOW how much we can do in 15 minutes????

Seeya. Gotta Mug.


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