Monthly Archives: July 2014

It’s Time

So it’s official. My first principal meeting in 12 years of my education. (my second if you count last year’s post promos meeting)
Things are bad but that is not to say that nothing can be done to salvage it. I’m making plans, and God has plans for me. Of course that’s not what I’m relying on, for we must first be willing to help ourselves before others can help us. I read this quote somewhere, “When we are down to nothing, God is up to something.” So true. I’ll keep the faith.
It’s time to show the people who believe in me (albeit few) that they should continue believing in me.
Meanwhile, ~consultations, bring it on~ there’s no turning back.


Social Interaction Drains Me

As you can probably tell from the title (unless there is no visible title), social interaction actually realy drains me. Especially with people I don’t know well/am not comfortable with. The level of comfort would then be the equivalent of throwing me into a den full of lions. Idk.
I do not enjoy racking my brains for the next thing to say, neither do I adore the (often) awkward silences. When I’m in a conversation with someone, I’m usually either very hyper/animated/talking at the speed of a runaway train or barely absorbed in the conversation, there is no in-between.
The question I have though, is, Is This Weird? If so then I must be hanging with the wrong crowd cos none of them seem to have this in common with me.
Idk. There has been one too many “idk”s in this post and it is going nowhere. Right now I just feel disoriented and disgruntled mostly about school tomorrow.
The new wordpress still sucks, pls do something.

Old Friend (cont’d)

An old friend is a lighthouse, that guides you along when you forget the path. An old friend is like the rainbow after the storm. With an old friend, it’s always a “been there, done that”. You get annoyed with each other yet you forgive each other and have the time of your lives. You are so similar it’s astounding.
So, don’t forget an old friend.

Old Friend

Don’t forget an old friend. An old is someone who knows you best (probably), and almost always knows you better than yourself. Don’t forget the things you used to do together, the memories you shared/share, the times you laughed till your bellies ached. Or simply sat around doing absolutely nothing. With an old friend, there is fun in doing anything and everything, no matter how many times she pisses you off, you still accept each other at the very next moment.
An old friend, is like a safe harbour you can ways return to after every storm.