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Ever felt like your personality’s undergone a drastic change? That’s me from secondary school to jc totally.
Something happened, I don’t know what. I stopped putting myself out there, stopped interacting, stopped trying altogether. It’s horrible, and I feel like I’m this whole other person I was in secondary school.

Prom’s coming up and I’m dreading it to be honest, when I think of what we’d actually be doing during prom – interacting, and it is literally this close from scaring the shit out of me. I haven’t been mixing around in school much and I don’t really know that many people, much less are close to them. Just what the heck was I thinking when I signed up for it….


That feeling when you feel like you don't know no shit at all. It sucks man. Math sucks 😞 ESP HYPO TESTING

Haha I think I'll make it a point to be friendlier to people from now on, even if it can be a little ~out of my comfort zone~ I'll smile more I promise! :<
Yes that's me finally realising how offputting I can be when I perpetually have a grumpy look hanging on my face zz sorz 大家

My god. It sucks being the burden friend zzzzzz

Eyecandy 是什么,可以吃的吗?

Unexpected concern from the best friend 😘💕

Okay I dayre-d a post and dayre conveniently screwed up on me -_- thx ya

I was saying…I finally got the hang of dayre-ing and it basically involves a day by day recount of your life….haha if people wanna hear about it

Started the day w econs timed prac in school (I KNOW RIGHT) (GOD) (ON A SATURDAY!!) (BLASPHEMY!!!!!!!) I could do majority of it thankfully and by majority I mean I left an entire 10m question blank HAHA #onthewaytohonourroll #yes #totally #jk #rollinginthedeep(end) (i'm so funny date me plz JK) i hate myself

Followed by a wonderfully POWERFUL service at church by Ps Lia. She was so motivational and inspirational…no words can do her sermon justice really. She preached about Acts 19:11, the verse that goes "Now God worked unusual miracles by the hands of Paul"
When? NOW. God's time is always now. Not after we graduate, not when we grow older, NOW. (See what I mean? So so powerful)

She also said that our internal landscapes must align with what we desire to see God do. I must start. It is time.

Following that, mugged w Gladz a little at CBTL and it was quite a bad sesh bc SMOKERS AND NOISE MAKERS. 😦 I bear the MEC…..cryin.

Aaaand finally ending off the day w some 中国好声音 at Auntie's house after dinner and impromptu sleepover LEL yay!!!!! 🙂

Oh and a random bird I saw near the bus stop just now!!! So cute right it puffed up it's feathers cos the weather was so brr 😭 plz sg make up yr mind man, I know it's monsoon period but…too cold la! HAHA #complainqueen
Silly me thought the poor bird couldn't fly cos it let me walk quite near it (hence this ~stunning~ close up) hehe turns out it flew away cos it got frightened 😭

Freaking hell. Conversation Killer as always -_- I might as well make it my full time job man

gotta figure out ma priorities. and it ain't gonna be sleep no longer

sighhhhh talking to jq always makes things so much better 🙂 cant wait till post As when we can have our ritual of KFC brek again 😙

Idk something's been wrong with me in school lately. I barely talk, I give off a bad vibe and I'm literally just 😒😞 the whole way through. Sorry to everyone who has to endure my blackthunderface for the entire school day so sorry

drugs all day err day (KIDDING OKAY THESE ARE MEDS 😪 GOSH I FEEL OLD 😢)

life updates: i failed to donate blood today bc i was on antibiotics less than a week before today…saying oh wellz, just something to add to my long list of "I FAILED TO DO THIS" hahh ahahah (joking…i think)

no vibes man no vibes sigh

Phew. Just ended a long-ish day after Math NSP. (As usual it was full of revelation after revelation ✨✨✨MISS LIANG U R MY (MATH) GODDESS) sidenote: I'm actually kind of sad that NSP has ended…who would be here to help me salvage my math grades now??? (me, yes i know 😪)

Aaanyway. I went off tangent w the above (#whatsnew)
I meant to continue on saying that I had an extremely demoralizing yet motivating talk w Yeling on the train trip back and wow, we talked all about grades like true blue nerds (hehe kidding!) anyway we both realized how screwed we'd be/are for prelims/A's sigh. Literally quit screwed given prelims LEGIT start next week. But it's also given me a CRAAAZY alarm to start firing off w intense rev so yep.
to anyone fighting the big A, jiayou !!!