Monthly Archives: August 2014


Ever felt like your personality’s undergone a drastic change? That’s me from secondary school to jc totally.
Something happened, I don’t know what. I stopped putting myself out there, stopped interacting, stopped trying altogether. It’s horrible, and I feel like I’m this whole other person I was in secondary school.

Prom’s coming up and I’m dreading it to be honest, when I think of what we’d actually be doing during prom – interacting, and it is literally this close from scaring the shit out of me. I haven’t been mixing around in school much and I don’t really know that many people, much less are close to them. Just what the heck was I thinking when I signed up for it….



Why is it so hard to appreciate something that we have had for a long time? Something we thought we’d never lose? Why is it that we always wait till we’ve lost somethiy before lamenting and wishing that we’ve appreciated it for all it’s glory then? Why?


When I was younger I used to love reading (more). There was no stopping me. I didn’t just read oh god no, I devoured them words. I let those beautiful letters flit through the machine that is my brain and I processed them all. I read everything. From magazines to books to food labels, I even read the back of my shampoo bottles. Reading was my favourite way to kill time, along with watching the “Idiot Box” haha.

I remember when I was more knowledgable and chockfull of general knowledge simply because I read more. Encyclopedias? No problem. The annual almanac? Yeah man. Dictionaries? Oh yes. Fiction was a must as well.

Take me back, please. Take me back to when I had time to appreciate reading more, I promise I’ll treasure every single second. Can’t wait for this madness to come to a standstill.

Till then