When I was younger I used to love reading (more). There was no stopping me. I didn’t just read oh god no, I devoured them words. I let those beautiful letters flit through the machine that is my brain and I processed them all. I read everything. From magazines to books to food labels, I even read the back of my shampoo bottles. Reading was my favourite way to kill time, along with watching the “Idiot Box” haha.

I remember when I was more knowledgable and chockfull of general knowledge simply because I read more. Encyclopedias? No problem. The annual almanac? Yeah man. Dictionaries? Oh yes. Fiction was a must as well.

Take me back, please. Take me back to when I had time to appreciate reading more, I promise I’ll treasure every single second. Can’t wait for this madness to come to a standstill.

Till then



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