What The Construction Site Cat Taught Me

Hi guys, I’m suuuper tired now and it’s only 9:24pm…bet it’s cos of the morning cycle -_- unfit level MAXIMUM I’m not even kidding.

Okay, now to the main point. You know how sometimes people talk about how animals can teach them a life lesson/values? Case in point, Dan’s hamster and Cleo in Helen Brown’s circumstance.

Well yesterday a cat taught me a lesson. I was walking back from a study session and I passed by the construction site, it was early evening and the sun was setting I remember. I had to cross this road to get home but while waiting for the green man I sw a patch of orange and white on the grass. Then an inconspicuous meow. But a meow nontheless. I approached the grass patch and there was a cute kitten! (OR  a malnourished cat)

Excited me approached the cat and meowed. It meowed back and even followed me for a few steps. I was bursting with inside. Then it stopped moving. (To save time I’m goig to summarize the entire grandmother story as best as I can)

Basically I coaxed the kitten/cat into crossing the overhead bridge, carried it across the carpark, and past a few blocks to where I knew there would be food for the cat. (An uncle would feed strays every night at a block opposite mine) (for this I even googled “How to carry a cat”) (#dedication #ilovecatsclub) The kitten/cat eventually reached the block and I was exhausted. But I had my work cut out for it. The kitten engaged in a long and intense staring contest with the “Big Boss” cat of the block and I was so terrified that a catfight (literally) would erupt. (Anyway my parents arrived in the end and convinced me that all would be okay)

Fast forward to tonight, I saw the SAME kitten at the construction site where I’d saved it from. I was so shocked I even wondered for a moment whether it was the same kitten. And whether I did the right thing. Okay moral of the story, the kitten taught me not to move things by myself to where I assumed that thing/person needed to be, and not to be a busybody to poke my nose into others’ business. Everything has a time and place, and the person directly involved should know if he/she needs help and I don’t need to make any assumptions.

well now that I’m done writing everything out I find that it was quite pointless. Damn. #YOLO man HAHAHAHA goodnight.





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