Found something I had typed in motes while on the trip to Tasmania, shall post it anyway

(note: it is incomplete)

Alternating between soft grass and stony gravel

It was like being transported into heaven, or hell, depending on the perspective. No wifi, no television, and strictly old fashioned ways of doing things.

The buzzing of fat flies was nothing short of obnoxious.

Tasmania is the land of planters. Different breeds of flowers adorned the doorsteps of every Tasmanian home. Pots and pots of psychedelic flowers, brightening up every household.

Ruby, Sapphire, Gem, and Pearl are four pretty dogs on the Seaview Farm.

Chapter 1, Ruby:
Ruby, 14 and a half years old and partially deaf, was the sweetest out of all for me. A black and white dog, she sprinted around, practically a ball of excitement and energy, when we first arrived. Julia said she’d never seen Ruby this excited “in quite a while”. Ruby is just the sweetest. She’d lie on the ground and put a paw on your paw, begging for pats. She’d gaze into your eyes, sending all the love she could possibly give just from one look. Julia taught us that if we pat your thighs loudly it was the universal dog sign language for “Come Here!”. So we patted, and Ruby always, always came. Even though she sometimes lay on the floor panting, out of breath, there is no doubt about the depth of love she is capable of giving to twelve strangers she barely knew.

Chapter 2, Sapphire:
“Sapphire! Sit!!”
“Sapphire! Get out of there!”
Sapphire is a working dog. She has two black tufts of fur above her eyes, resembling eyebrows, giving her a stern look 24/7. But once we get to know her, she’s a fun-loving, mischievous yet disciplined dog. She sticks by Frank’s side, and comes at his beck and call. Her job agenda was plenty, including herding the sheep, chasing the ducks, among others. It was hilarious seeing how she tried to sneak up on the sheep in the pen.

Ahhhh looking at this just made me reminisce about the time there; short but sweet. T’was a good getaway indeed :”)







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