A Maybe Hiatus (plus Updates)

Hahah first off I know y’all are laughing at the idea of a hiatus, like eh Char you don’t even post here THAT frequently, how does it call for a hiatus?? I know, I know. Sorry I use this blog in a more unconventional way, I only come on here to blog when I have so called ~deeper~ thoughts/insights. Friends pls don’t mock, even I have my deep times okay. Except that they occur as rarely as my posts are on this platform HAHA. For more (regular) updates, please proceed to my Dayre (in an orderly fashion) omfG i’m so QB i can slap myself rn.


don’t ask me why I chose this username, I can’t remember and I’m lazy to change ok!!!! I know pastor preached that the worst form of laziness is the laziness of the mind but…sorry ok!! These are but trivial matters, plz forgive me 😦

Okay enough of my lame shit. Updates.

I’m currently on the last day (read: FEW! HOURS!) of my three day spanned (LONG!) (AWESOMER!!) break after a tiring as heck prelims. Gosh a voice in my head just told me promos. DAFUG??!! Hope it’s not foreshadowing. WAKE UP CHAR WAKE UP. Anyway as I was saying, it really is my last proper break before saddling down and descending into hell.

Wake at six,

Sleep at twelve

Into fun we do not delve

Unless you want to die

(hah fak as you can see I gave up on the rhyming)

More about the break, it was super rejuvenating for my soul; I spent almost equal parts of it connecting with friends and on myself, exploring and reading. Just, wonderful 🙂 if this is what the post A’s life promises more of, I’ll gladly dash through hell and return on the brightside 🙂

Asdlflgl (sorry for the drastic change of mood tho) prelims over foreshadows results. Damn I really have no clue how I could have done. And usually that’s not a good sign. Well there’s nothing much I can do anyway, save for a good night’s sleep. I’ve a feeling it’s gonna be the best one for quite a while.

Gosh I’m making it out to be like I’m going for a way HHAHA. To my 1-2 loyal readers…it’s just the A Level’s. Assuming I make it past prelims. Can’t imagine the embarrassment my parents and family & I would have to encounter if I were to retain. That’s not an option anymore.

Kay, signing off now, here’s to the post A’s life of Gossip Girl, PLL and all my guilty pleasures 😉


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