Monthly Archives: October 2014

Fuel for all day err day

Don't know where I'm going, don't know where I'm gonna end up. Almost everything's so fucked up right now.

Please don't do this to me, please don't say it's okay as long as I try my best. What if my best is not enough? I'm absolutely undeserving of you.


NEED to stop being a loser!!!!! At least I completed all the stuff for consultS on Thurs yeaaaah! But GP how now brown cow sigh this mark I'm getting would only be satisfactory if the essay were upon 30 like secondary school luh sianz. LORD HELP.

Insecurities are getting the better of me and making me do stupiiiid things

Could you possibly be anymore perfect??

RAWR can I just say that this bloody counter on Asknlearn is a really really horrible thing??? Do u rly think ask students give no shits about our LIFE CHANGING EXAM?? DO U RLY THINK WE HAVENT BEEN COUNTING DOWN TO IT OURSELVES???? Bah

Did the H1 09 A Level paper…..rly dunno whether to laugh or cry sia…………….

Dragged out of bed early this morning (😪) to have local breakfast w the parents!!! (😁😍) this is the best peanut pancake eva!!!! According to them I mean. I prolly know none the better anyway LOL I srsly just eat. Mmmm it's right in front of me now and I can't wait to TUCK IN cos I'm so damn hungry!!! :p

This competitiveness is killing me 😪

Sucks when your best is never enough. I wanna die.

Punching the wall was bloody therapeutic. No pun intended.

LOL weather was so damn freaking hot today I succumbed and took the bus. And smuggled my Mac cone onto the bus. The bus uncle didn't notice until I munched on the cone (AFTER I ALIGHTED OK!!!) #stillagoodkid :p I took a chance cos I left the bus queue to go get my cone, best choice I made today man!! Still made it in time for the bus – luckily I liked the majority of the ice cream off of the cone alrd and I just put the tissue on top to cover HAHAHA.