One thing about me – I push people away, I cut off ties easily. I remember someone in primary school once said I “过河拆桥” (go figure)

I rarely let people in, seriously speaking. , That’s why I react in the way that shows that loud and clear, not that I want to, it’s just innate in me or something (GP vocab +1) That is why I don’t make friends at camps/Korea Trip etc, I don’t wave to them after the event/minimize interaction etc. People will think that I am antisocial lah blah, do you know introversion means?! Socialising is TIRING. Painful even. I’m sorry (NOT) for not being like 99% of the rest of the population who thrives in social gatherings, they just draw so much out from me. Going off tangent but that is why my social circle is painfully small. I simply don’t let people in. I’m trying to change but it’s not easy.

Brings me to my next point,everyone has a +1, like an oxygen molecule to their O2, a Monica to their Rachel, and I’m just…there. Awkwardly inserted be it in a triplet or a five. Sigh, life. This is getting really sad and pathetic so I might stop now. At least I have my books to accompany me. Lol


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