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hellohellohELLO!!!! (post A’s life – blog views have been going up as well, hello friends :))

okie as i was saying…pOST A’s OMIGOD LIKE FINALLY!!!!! so glad i made plans plans plans for this entire week ๐Ÿ™‚ as gladys once said, “the happy type of busy” ๐Ÿ™‚ sighhh i also emailed my first CV for a job application at a cafรฉ which was really embarrassing cos i put “None” for the prior employment portion HAHAH. #spoiltgirl #jk

after the (relatively easy, whoopwhoop!!!) paper this afternoon, the Sun shone brighter, the grads grew greener (yes! even on my side now :)) ) and…stuff! good things happened and good vibes were felt basically. headed w Gladys to Orchard Central to try out Genki Sushi and i totally bust my budget :”( , thank goodness for that extra 10$ in my wallet from God knows wher :p but i’m not complaining hehe. walked around muji and orchard gateway + 313 for quite a while trying to avoid peak hour but we ended up on the Red Line at 6+ anyway ๐Ÿ˜‚ oh well. we wanted to try out Honey Creme but the queue just put us off so badly (jk we were lazy and it was raining outside)

i’ve got a feeling that i’ll be blogging a lot more but i’m sorry there’ll be no pics cos wordpress sux?!?? at least the Safari version does. so excited for the coming week!!!! meeting up w so many old friends and possibly starting a temp job!!! yey for income!!!! yay for end of A’s! p/s if you’re reading this and YOU ended A’s too, i’m super proud of ya cos i know exactly the shit that we had to go through!!!! so take as long as you need to rest and recuperate, to recharge your batteries until you are ready for more commitments (ie. Job) ๐Ÿ™‚

sidenote: gna go to Vivo for Mockingjay w Jose + prom shopping!!!! cannot wait!!!!!! : )



fak me…..

Carousell will sooner or later lead to my demise.

Can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m gonna need a job. To support my spendthrift-ness. Doesn’t that word just confuse you bc i know i spent half my life thinking it meant thrifty, which in actual fact, is of the opposite meaning. oh well, what can i say? it’s #english afterall haha


I have powers. I can peer into the depths of people’s minds.

Okay kidding. I’m not THAT creepy. I meant to say that I like reading people’s blogs cos it lets me look into their minds a bit. Y’know how we sometimes always want to think what people are truly thinking? Cos we’re taught to be “polite” and “politically-correct” to the point that we put up an act in front of others to maintain the cordiality. Okay in other words I’m a kpo lah but whatever.

There’s just something about reading people’s blogs that attracts me, and i seldom tell people that i read their blogs cos isn’t that awkward??? Of course, their mastery of language is a plus as well. Haha, besides, i don’t only read the blogs of friends, i read celebrity’s blogs, acquiantances etc.

Maybe this stems from my interest in psychology and sociology, how people think. I really want to take a course or module on that in uni ๐Ÿ™‚ can’t wait!! I hope it’s gonna be what i envisioned haha, very often, things just lose their interesting-ness when you become forced to study it as a subject, because sometimes all you really wanna do is read it at your leisurely pace and absorb, find out more, not mug for am exam!

Okay gg off-track now i’ll begone! last paper tomorrow – i am beyond excited!!! Also bc it’s Genki Sushi time w the baeee! โค Hehehe byee


FAKKK did y’all appreciate my pun??? In the title. Geddit?? Urbanisation? Oh my not to brag but I am a genius โ˜บ hee kidding obviously. But still I wanna pat myself on the back for that pun, getting back in the game ๐Ÿ™‚

Anywayz, physical geog was over this morning and y’know what that means!!!! (Grace reference!!!) FAK YEAAAA NO MORE PHYSICAL GEOG FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER AND EVER AND EVER AND EVER AND EVER AND EVER AND EVER AND EVER AND EVER AND YEAH. Think that’s enough EVERs haha.

I’m rly happy and relieved even though I neglected the entire litho and idk how i’ll do overall BUT i’m just glad it’s over ๐Ÿ™‚ one step closer to the finish line! y’know how we’ve been so used to saying “i’ll do….AFTER A’S” and now it just occurred to me that, freaking “AFTER A’S” is SO BLOODY NEAR NOW. WOW!!!! Much surreal!!! Such happy!!! Very excitez!!!! :”)

Also can I just say that in celebration of feeling the heavy burden of Physical lifted from my shoulders, I effectively did
1) nothing
the entire afternoon. Yes you read that right!!!! Nothing!!!! Hahahhaha and i’m not regretting it…yet. it’s okay i know the motivation will be here for Human Geog (unlike phy!!!) bc i seriously like it so! much! more!!!! and judging from the greater number of tables and shit our teachers made us do, they also like it more ๐Ÿ™‚ yeaaaaaassssss human!!!!

okiiiie i’m gna go haha i just wanted to recount today’s happenings so byeee!


The Consequences of Bad Decisions

First off, I’ll say that I shoulder 100% of my own consequences.

Yesterday was horrible in terms of productivity. if productivity is indee measured by the output per unit labour, then the “output” from yesterday would have been pretty darn close to zero. that’s right, zero.

I was simply in no mood for geog, or studying, really. I did everything but. My fingers barely graced the Lecture Notes for the entire Litho syllabus, and i end up betting my entire life on Hydro & Atmo (wtf???)

I am the worst combination of two qualities; laziness and stupidity. this may be too late but i’m gonna make 100% use of tomorrow for Human Geography, my last chance of pushing my grade overall to something decent.

A Quick Update ^_^

Hellooo people!!! ^_^

(as i am typing this just note that i can hear the soft drizzle of rain as it hits the window pane and it is so, so hard to resist sleep!!!)

but what to do!! #lifeofaJCstudent i gotta keep up the studying later once i drag myself out of bed for a shower. but it is SO CLOSE. the end!!! of JC. of A LEVELS. what we’ve been looking forward to finish since we stepped into JC!!! poof, just like that. tbh it wasn’t even that long. i am literally THREE (squeal!) papers away from The End.

and then i’ll have all the time in the world to read!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ + i plan on getting a job & volunteering @ SPCA & meeting up w my old pals from SC! Wheee it’s gon’ be a good time ๐Ÿ™‚

thank God really for the past two manageable papers, a decent change compared to the first week of Hell (math waiiiiii) :”) now now, i’ll worry about the grades at a later time haha.

friends who are reading as A’s are still ongoing, i luv you!!! and you can SO DO IT. GO GET THAT DAMNED A MAN, cos you deserve it so much :-)?our hell will be over in a flash, i promise! and friends that already ended their A Levels, good for u!!!! now go and have the best time of yer lives ๐Ÿ™‚

i’ve got lots to look forward to, first and foremost prom, then a couple other things like BKK (+ gladys!!) and the Europe trip w the parents & AUSSIE W THE GIRLS โ˜บโ˜บโ˜บ



YOU (are worth it) :)

Hello everyone!! (All ONE of you regular readers, 2 on good days) HAHA I’m kidding.

Anyway this is an odd timing but, I just felt like talking about this. I feel like nowadays everyone is all about fitting in. Specifically getting people to like you (or me, whatever) There’s nothing wrong with that absolutely, who doesn’t want to be liked right? But there’s got to be a line drawn. Like, when is when you start caring too much about other people’s opinions? There’s a limit to that, and I think that limit is getting to be a bit blurrer as we progress.

Take me for example, I used to be all about maintaining a conversation online, like getting a response from that person I would be chatting with. Double texts? Annoying, clingy messages? Been there, done that. Kind of ashamed of it now, but at that point I wasn’t. (Still don’t know what the f was wrong with me then) I can’t say I’m completely unaffected when people don’t reply my messages now, but I definitely don’t double text anymore (then tell them that, oh my phone “accidentally” sent it twice!) Bullshit HAHA. (Damn now you know my secrets.) I’ve just come to terms with things and yes, sometimes people do have more important things to do than to reply your message, and it’s only fair that we let them. We can’t expect their world to revolve around us right? And neither should be let them be what we revolve around. It’s not the end of the world if a person doesn’t reply your message! There could be a million reasons why. I read someone’s piece of advice somewhere, and she said “Stop taking things so personally, the world does not revolve around you.” My first reaction was to be offended (oh the irony) but now I feel that it’s quite true. And y’know what? Live and let live.

Don’t let your self-esteem be defined by whether you got a reply on your message or not. You’re waaay better than that. Technology is there to aid us, not to give us all these extra burdens to carry. Always remember, you are worth it ๐Ÿ™‚