Love, Rosie (spoilers!)

i watched Love, Rosie today. Yes, in the midst of my exams. i’m paying for it right now okay, i ate entire pack of Vanilla Shake Mnm’s and they kind of sucked.

okay my first honest thought was “hey, didn’t i already see this in the trailers??” (legit) (3/4 of the best scenes are in the trailer already so) to be honest, i watched the movie for two main reasons
2) lily collins & SAM CLAFLIN (UGH MY POOR SHIPPING HEART) those dimples (SAM!!!!)

i felt like the movie was not up to expectations, sort of lacking in character development? not Rosie though, she matured a lot. and EVERY SINGLE MISSED OPPORTUNITY! WHYYY 😦 STUPID SALLY AND GREG AND BETHANY DAMN YOU ALL!!!! however that said, i loved the ending. the fact that Rosie ended up fulfilling her own dream (for herself!!) (the hotel) before getting together with Alex. sigh….can’t believe i sat through the whole movie only to see them tgt for like ~10 seconds i wanted to CRY. oh and did i mention, the dad died. another sad moment bc he was one of the best characters for me, was so encouraging and really, reminded me of my dad. there was this line where he said to Rosie “you’re amazing Rosie, there’s nothing you can’t do when you said your mind to it.”

in my heart i was totally like AWWWW. such a lovely father-daughter relationship :”)

Ruby (the pink-headed best friend) WAS FUCKING HILARIOUS HAHA. she had some of the best punchlines ever in the entire movie.


“you did wot?”

“it’s great having a friend like you, everytime i….all i’ve got to do is look at your life and it puts EVERYTHING in perspective”

*pause* “THAT’S how fucked up your life is.”

HAHA. okay the end. overall i’d give it a 6/10? mostly for the cast. i wish the movie were longer for more character development though 😦 watch it anyway for the eyecandy!!!


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