YOU (are worth it) :)

Hello everyone!! (All ONE of you regular readers, 2 on good days) HAHA I’m kidding.

Anyway this is an odd timing but, I just felt like talking about this. I feel like nowadays everyone is all about fitting in. Specifically getting people to like you (or me, whatever) There’s nothing wrong with that absolutely, who doesn’t want to be liked right? But there’s got to be a line drawn. Like, when is when you start caring too much about other people’s opinions? There’s a limit to that, and I think that limit is getting to be a bit blurrer as we progress.

Take me for example, I used to be all about maintaining a conversation online, like getting a response from that person I would be chatting with. Double texts? Annoying, clingy messages? Been there, done that. Kind of ashamed of it now, but at that point I wasn’t. (Still don’t know what the f was wrong with me then) I can’t say I’m completely unaffected when people don’t reply my messages now, but I definitely don’t double text anymore (then tell them that, oh my phone “accidentally” sent it twice!) Bullshit HAHA. (Damn now you know my secrets.) I’ve just come to terms with things and yes, sometimes people do have more important things to do than to reply your message, and it’s only fair that we let them. We can’t expect their world to revolve around us right? And neither should be let them be what we revolve around. It’s not the end of the world if a person doesn’t reply your message! There could be a million reasons why. I read someone’s piece of advice somewhere, and she said “Stop taking things so personally, the world does not revolve around you.” My first reaction was to be offended (oh the irony) but now I feel that it’s quite true. And y’know what? Live and let live.

Don’t let your self-esteem be defined by whether you got a reply on your message or not. You’re waaay better than that. Technology is there to aid us, not to give us all these extra burdens to carry. Always remember, you are worth it 🙂


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