A Quick Update ^_^

Hellooo people!!! ^_^

(as i am typing this just note that i can hear the soft drizzle of rain as it hits the window pane and it is so, so hard to resist sleep!!!)

but what to do!! #lifeofaJCstudent i gotta keep up the studying later once i drag myself out of bed for a shower. but it is SO CLOSE. the end!!! of JC. of A LEVELS. what we’ve been looking forward to finish since we stepped into JC!!! poof, just like that. tbh it wasn’t even that long. i am literally THREE (squeal!) papers away from The End.

and then i’ll have all the time in the world to read!!!! 🙂 + i plan on getting a job & volunteering @ SPCA & meeting up w my old pals from SC! Wheee it’s gon’ be a good time 🙂

thank God really for the past two manageable papers, a decent change compared to the first week of Hell (math waiiiiii) :”) now now, i’ll worry about the grades at a later time haha.

friends who are reading as A’s are still ongoing, i luv you!!! and you can SO DO IT. GO GET THAT DAMNED A MAN, cos you deserve it so much :-)?our hell will be over in a flash, i promise! and friends that already ended their A Levels, good for u!!!! now go and have the best time of yer lives 🙂

i’ve got lots to look forward to, first and foremost prom, then a couple other things like BKK (+ gladys!!) and the Europe trip w the parents & AUSSIE W THE GIRLS ☺☺☺




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