FAKKK did y’all appreciate my pun??? In the title. Geddit?? Urbanisation? Oh my not to brag but I am a genius ☺ hee kidding obviously. But still I wanna pat myself on the back for that pun, getting back in the game 🙂

Anywayz, physical geog was over this morning and y’know what that means!!!! (Grace reference!!!) FAK YEAAAA NO MORE PHYSICAL GEOG FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER AND EVER AND EVER AND EVER AND EVER AND EVER AND EVER AND EVER AND EVER AND YEAH. Think that’s enough EVERs haha.

I’m rly happy and relieved even though I neglected the entire litho and idk how i’ll do overall BUT i’m just glad it’s over 🙂 one step closer to the finish line! y’know how we’ve been so used to saying “i’ll do….AFTER A’S” and now it just occurred to me that, freaking “AFTER A’S” is SO BLOODY NEAR NOW. WOW!!!! Much surreal!!! Such happy!!! Very excitez!!!! :”)

Also can I just say that in celebration of feeling the heavy burden of Physical lifted from my shoulders, I effectively did
1) nothing
the entire afternoon. Yes you read that right!!!! Nothing!!!! Hahahhaha and i’m not regretting it…yet. it’s okay i know the motivation will be here for Human Geog (unlike phy!!!) bc i seriously like it so! much! more!!!! and judging from the greater number of tables and shit our teachers made us do, they also like it more 🙂 yeaaaaaassssss human!!!!

okiiiie i’m gna go haha i just wanted to recount today’s happenings so byeee!



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