I have powers. I can peer into the depths of people’s minds.

Okay kidding. I’m not THAT creepy. I meant to say that I like reading people’s blogs cos it lets me look into their minds a bit. Y’know how we sometimes always want to think what people are truly thinking? Cos we’re taught to be “polite” and “politically-correct” to the point that we put up an act in front of others to maintain the cordiality. Okay in other words I’m a kpo lah but whatever.

There’s just something about reading people’s blogs that attracts me, and i seldom tell people that i read their blogs cos isn’t that awkward??? Of course, their mastery of language is a plus as well. Haha, besides, i don’t only read the blogs of friends, i read celebrity’s blogs, acquiantances etc.

Maybe this stems from my interest in psychology and sociology, how people think. I really want to take a course or module on that in uni 🙂 can’t wait!! I hope it’s gonna be what i envisioned haha, very often, things just lose their interesting-ness when you become forced to study it as a subject, because sometimes all you really wanna do is read it at your leisurely pace and absorb, find out more, not mug for am exam!

Okay gg off-track now i’ll begone! last paper tomorrow – i am beyond excited!!! Also bc it’s Genki Sushi time w the baeee! ❤ Hehehe byee


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