hellohellohELLO!!!! (post A’s life – blog views have been going up as well, hello friends :))

okie as i was saying…pOST A’s OMIGOD LIKE FINALLY!!!!! so glad i made plans plans plans for this entire week 🙂 as gladys once said, “the happy type of busy” 🙂 sighhh i also emailed my first CV for a job application at a café which was really embarrassing cos i put “None” for the prior employment portion HAHAH. #spoiltgirl #jk

after the (relatively easy, whoopwhoop!!!) paper this afternoon, the Sun shone brighter, the grads grew greener (yes! even on my side now :)) ) and…stuff! good things happened and good vibes were felt basically. headed w Gladys to Orchard Central to try out Genki Sushi and i totally bust my budget :”( , thank goodness for that extra 10$ in my wallet from God knows wher :p but i’m not complaining hehe. walked around muji and orchard gateway + 313 for quite a while trying to avoid peak hour but we ended up on the Red Line at 6+ anyway 😂 oh well. we wanted to try out Honey Creme but the queue just put us off so badly (jk we were lazy and it was raining outside)

i’ve got a feeling that i’ll be blogging a lot more but i’m sorry there’ll be no pics cos wordpress sux?!?? at least the Safari version does. so excited for the coming week!!!! meeting up w so many old friends and possibly starting a temp job!!! yey for income!!!! yay for end of A’s! p/s if you’re reading this and YOU ended A’s too, i’m super proud of ya cos i know exactly the shit that we had to go through!!!! so take as long as you need to rest and recuperate, to recharge your batteries until you are ready for more commitments (ie. Job) 🙂

sidenote: gna go to Vivo for Mockingjay w Jose + prom shopping!!!! cannot wait!!!!!! : )


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