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Hello guys, post A’s week 2/3 (I lost count) and I am officially exhausted. (as you might have seen from the title of this blog post)

Having only recently acknowledged that I am introverted in nature, these socialising activities have become increasingly tiring for my soul and body both. I am aware that this sounds v unappreciative of the people who bother to include time to meet me in their schedules but to be fair, I’m quite tired of being looked at and “expected to” give response. Y’know sometimes (lol most times in my case) I’m really tired inside and muster a smile and a short response instead. Just had an OG gathering earlier this afternoon at Dhoby playing Escape Room then talking at BUX afterward. It was enjoyable meeting old and familiar faces but I felt like something was off. Maybe it was me seeing that my OGMs were talking just like old times. I really hate who I’ve become, one step short of a hermit. Not the part where I am inteoverted, but the part where I’m so self-absorbed + shallow ugh. I’m tired already. Blogging on my bed now and I’m this close to falling asleep.

Also let’s just say that the takeaway from today is that I now know a lot more about what certain people have done and a leopard never changes it’s spots. Yes.

Hope that post A’s will be as awesome as I had hoped cos afterall this was the holiday we had looked forward to for sooo long. Picking KT from the airport tomorrow and finally seeing her face omg. Missed her quite a lot. Pls also pray I get a job.



Prom (meh)

PROM IS OVER. Wow. Can ye believe it?! What we’ve been looking forward to, the last school event of our JC lives and it’s over just like that. Without even a bang. Psh man, it was bad, simply put. Worse than SC’s prom.

First off it started off the wrong foot with MAGIC (?!) and weird food in general. Our table barely ate the food + we kinda didn’t like the selection (seafood etc) so yeah, DEFINITELY not worth the cash. 😦

I liked the performances though, and it was so thoughtful that all of the bands were “homegrown” from within our school and even though I’m not exactly close w choir peeps, I still felt a surge of pride in my heart when the kids dominated the stage 🙂 shout out to Wan & Kes!!!! You guys RAWKKKK. (no idea why I’m typing like this lulz) (keep in mind I’ve only had ~1hr of sleep this past night, it was crazy)

Another thing, the LUCKY DRAW OHMIGAWDDD. The first name it flashed was MINE (of all people!!!) and damn it the stupid emcee said they were “just testing” HAHA fak la damn embarrassing. Not to mention that our class people didn’t win anything AT ALL 😦 and we also didn’t get featured in the montage at the end of things. Ugh did I miss the memo or something? Cos the last time I checked, we’re NOT invisible y’know. (plus I wanted the iPad Air HAHAHA but whatever)

Okay now on the good parts 🙂 the performers sang quite a few of my favourite songs. You could say I had High Hopes (hurhur) for prom but….nah they were not met at all. If not for the awesumz company, I don’t think I’d have stayed at Prom for so long. Took photos w quite a few of my friends in NY (or maybe it’s just the same people over and over lol BUT okay) still missed out a few though 😦 and missed the photo opp w Choir! Oh well~ oh oh! And a couple of guys looked reeeeally dapper yesterday :p if you were there you’d know!

I am so sorry I never upload photos btw and this verbal recount miiight be boring but wordpress on Safari on the iPhone 4 rly sucks so I’ll take what I can get 😦 photos will be on my instagram!!! Update: we tonned last night at MBS (woohoo!) and drank ~stuff~ then this morning at 6+/7 we headed to the Infinity Pool to take a dip and it was pure shiokkk~~~ HAHA not before we freezed our butts of when half of our bodies were sticking out of the water. Everyone else is sleeping now and I’m bored and cold. I tried reading The Rosie Project but I can’t really enjoy it at the moment.

Also rllly hungry and all we have is chips (A LOT) I can totally see how teens like us should not be living together cos we’ll just get lazy and fat LOL if only you could see the state of our hotel room now man…if only. Okay got to say still that it was an awesumz(!!!!!) night w the best people 🙂 just chatting, laughing and playing games HAHA thoroughly enjoyable! We should do these things more often before the guys go into Army sigh. Never though I’d be this sad about it 😦 ofc we took STEP (until cannot) shots, and the typical “candid” laughing shots when we thought about funny things to make each other laugh ahhahaha. My heels were killing me and we got lost multiple times while walking back to the hotel from Prom but it HAS been one of the best nights in a while :~)

Alright tata for now, all these sleepyheads around me are making me wanna sleep too :p

Goodnight! (or is it…?)