truth be told, i’ve been having dreams (or NIGHTMARES sia?!??!) about receiving my A Level Results. and they’re not very good dreams either 😩 i think i end up failing to make it into uni or something….i have goldfish memory okay i find it hard to remember things in general, and the which is horrible cos there’s BTT and tons of Excel shiet to learn for my job.

i don’t know what where i’m gonna go to be honest. is it even Business?? or am I just saying the things I think other people want to hear? i know for sure that i HATE math, then why is business in my choice? maybe I’ll wind up doing Econs, who knows. okay I’ll consider it ONLY if I get an A. (pardon the typos btw I’m not quite used to the H U G E ip6) i’ve always been more of a language person, maybe i’ll finally take it up in uni. EVERYTHING’s a maybe until I get my results right? HAHA. oh w ell.!


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