Today is a special day! It’s my grandfather’s 83rd birthday. I suppose it’s especially special for me cos it’s the first time I gave him an ang pow from our my own hard-earned money. It feels goooood 🙂
We’re not really into big birthday bashes (plus my granddad’s rly picky about his food choices so :p) we seldom head out to celebrate. But this year my dad went all out to get my granddad’s fave dishes like shark’s fin, hor fun, prawns and stuff. It’s great seeing Gong Gong so happy. He even exclaimed “哇今天很开心” and I was like awwww he doesn’t know how those few words can make me feel :”)
Took a polaroid for gong gong eating his shark’s fin and it was cute. Gna share that with the world.


公公我爱你 and thanks for everything. You’re the mechanic, electrician and granddad of the family and despite your fury sometimes I love you regardless because blood is thicker than water. Thanks for calling me 宝贝孙 and I hope you enjoy this simple celebration today. It might be a random birthday to celebrate but to me you’ll forever be deserving of it. Love u!!!!!


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