her shoes, they dug into the back of her ankles mercilessly as she walked from desk to door. she swore she heard her shoes snicker in laughter as she plastered a smile on her face to mask the pain.

the physical pain, no matter how great, was incomparable to the emotional lacking that she felt. was she at her job or stuck in a cage? no one knows. the sense of wonder she had on the first day was long gone, and she doubted that it even existed in the first place. eyes on her watch, second by second, time ticked past. on any other occasion, it would have seemed like it was going too fast, but things were different here in her air-conditioned cubicle, she felt as if time could never go fast enough. it was as if she was separated from the outside world just by a panel of glass. her hand caressed the glass, a wave of longing in her eyes.

all she wanted was to get out.


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