Here a day early to celebrate thursday (i’ll still TGIF though) bc today went rly well :”>

First off, work wasn’t as unfulfilling as yesterday and I actually felt pumped to do things and help out around even though there was a lot of moving of boxes involved.

Met up w Joyce & YP for dinner at JEM’s Ichiban Boshi and it was good money spent for the awesome company and food. I thought I was hungry until I realised I was satiated after like barely half my chirashi don -_- darn. Anyway wow the company was beyond amazing and we sat and chatted for so long until Ichiban wanted to close HAHAH. Then we walked arnd JEM, for some reason H&M was still open so we made YP wait while we went to try on clothes 😂 poor YP.

Decided to end off the day w a group photo to commemorate & also bc I realise I have no photos w Joyce ya. Some lady called YP to take a group photo for them and he obliged but she was unsatisfied (??) and went to ask another person to help them take LOL. It was hilarious okay I’m just horrible at describing situations.

Visuals following up~


yay selfie 🙆





Actual bad phototaking going on here….jk :p

ok gna sleep now still gotta work tomorrow but thanks for the great end to today 😙❤️


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