We were brought together by chance, by fate if you will. A common disinterest/lack of aptitude for math and/GP brought us together, an unlikely group of friends. But I will never regret meeting this group of people. Melissa, Marcia, Karl Ann, Jing Rong and John.

We met up for dinner today to “celebrate” my birthday (that’s what we told John the bugger who didn’t even question the truth HAHA wtfff) but the actual truth was that we were planning to gather one last time before John enlists :p it was a surprise success bc John is just blur okay. A lot of planning and coordination went into this thing such as making sure everyone was free, buying of cupcakes, the making of the board and etc. But it is done 🙂 I’m so happy for the night of good vibes and chill company + good Food. Yumz we had pizza (not me), grilled chicken, and TRUFFLE FRIES. So good but so sinful. I think my throat is gonna have to pay it’s dues tomorrow HAHA FML.

Thank God for these West-Siders cos I wasn’t bored taking the train back to JE (for once) since everyone else went in that direction. We just talked about things in common, cracked jokes, and really learnt more about one another. Truth be told, I never would have expected us to progress from tuition mates to this – good friends. If any of yall Derps are reading this….I appreciate each and every one of you 🙂 Mel for being caring to everyone, Marcia for being the chill buffer and qtpie, Karl Ann for being our resident clubber (jkjk)+ chiobu, JR for being the one constantly providing joy and laughter & keeping us on track to ask us to study (back in the A’s period) and John for being sporting even though we always bully you 🙂 I love yall from the bottom of my heart (to the top of my sternum :p) (if you got that reference, u are the bomb diggity)

It was a rly rly rly rly super awesome timez tonight, I wanna do it again! Can’t wait till we have our Derp staycation thingy :3








HAPPY ENLISTMENT JOHN AND ENJOY YR ONE TO ONE D8 W CHER EHEHEH. just wait for him to “pop the question” HAHAHAJ. We will miss (bullying) you 🙂

Less than three



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