It’s taken me 18+ – 19 years. But I think I finally understand the phrase “taking pride in your work”. As you can see, this means that the first 18+ – 19 years of my life was NOT spent v well. I had my fair share (or more) of slipshod work, messy handwriting, late work, and in more serious cases, NO WORK HANDED IN. Yes yes, it happened.

This time though, I am determined. After finally attaining enlightenment on these holy words, I am going to take pride in my work. For real. I am going to be proud of every single little thing that I do, work that I hand in (or don’t, for that matter) This is important in moulding my character (and reputation lol) so that I would be known as the person who puts out quality work regardless of how difficult it is. And now it starts off w work. Yes, no more shoddiness. No more. My lazy self can go f herself. Goodbye.


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