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He left but he’s not gone

Today at about 330am in the morning, a great man left us. He was our prime minister, then our minister mentor, but most of all we was our country’s founding father. About a month ago, he started battling pneumonia, and his conditioned gradually worsened. Still, we hoped. Today, our fears became the reality. I don’t know about everyone, but when I saw the news on twitter (i’m 18 where do u think i get my news info from HUH) I started tearing. 

I, of a generation who didn’t even witness first hand what Mr Lee Kuan Yew did for Singapore in our growing years. Third world to first world, it couldn’t have been a smooth journey. He shouldered the country’s burdens as his own, and gave his life to our country Singapore. I cried for him, I cried for PM Lee who had to deliver the official information and tribute to Mr Lee Kuan Yew, as not just the Prime Minister of Singapore, but as the son of the elder Mr Lee. It was heartwrenching to watch, much less deliver to the country. 

I look around Singapore and I know that all these are from the fruits of Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s labour. I thank you for our safe country, our low taxes, our forward thinking, non-corrupt government. I thank you for our policies that have seen Singapore through tough times, and enabled a country of 4 or more nationalities to coexist harmoniously. 

Last week my grandmother told me that Mr Lee Kuan Yew, in his youth, was an extremely hardworking politician. She said that he’d attend the opening of every school as long as it was within his GRC (Tanjong Pagar), she told me of how he’d plant trees. She told me of things he did. A great man. 

Mr Lee Kuan Yew makes me proud to be a Singaporean. R

Rest in Peace, Mr Lee.


the sky is crying


It must be such a horrible feeling to have the entire country speculating about when or if you’re gonna go. I can only sympathize with especially Mr LKY’s family, who is not blind or deaf to all these speculations, rubbish put out by everyone, who know next to nothing at all. I’m sorry. 

Time waits for no one

Recently I’ve gotten into running. And by recently I mean ~3 days ago HAHHAAH. It is surprisingly therapeutic. Never in a million years  would I have thought that those words would come out of my mouth, of rather my head anyway. 

That little voice in your head that pushes you past barrier after barrier, the cool breeze that kisses your face, the general feeling of exhilaration of completing the run, right down to the final sprint (for me at least) The way I run fluctuates, I ran at a relatively constant speed, then slow down to a brisk walk or so, and when I garner enough energy, I sprint. Don’t think everyone should do this (if u do then AT YR OWN RISK AH) but I can say it works for me. My legs hurt of course, but to sprint is as close to freedom as possible to me. Like I can run out of my physical body and fly. Or something. I know it sounds weird. But yeah and after the sprint, the cycle repeats. Not to mention that running inculcates discipline, and I am happy that I can say that I am at least trying to do that in one aspect of my life 🙂 To think that I hate(d??) running hhahahah…..

I think that the root of all this motivation came from the fact that I’d be leaving SG in a couple of months. And I just wanna do all I can y’know. Ran that distance, volunteer, hold my grandparents’ hand, be a kinder person, everything. I am trying. I can’t quite put it into words but generally it’s that I want toprove  something before I leave. Leave my mark. Ok goodnight  LOL that got rly deep rly fast