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damn. I'm awake. πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ and I really hate myself for setting the stupid alarm at 730 HAHAHAH!!!! WHY DID I THINK IT WAS A GOOD IDEA?? Plus this morning's weather is darn good….for sleeping in!!! sigh nvm God has plans for me!!
Oh and can I just mention that I rolled down from the upper mattress some time last night LOL just now when I woke up I was q confuzzled cos I distinctly remember sleeping on the upper mattress…goodness knows what I do in my sleep πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

okay, gonna make a routine for myself from now on!!!
745 wake up
815 practice boarding
830 have breakfast
hopefully this will make me more productive Κ•β€’Ν‘-β€’Κ”

SIAO CHIO κ’°ΰ©­ β›βƒ˜βŒ’βœβƒ˜βƒ˜ΰ²ƒ κ’±ΰ»Šβ‚Λ„Β·ΝˆΰΌΒ·ΝˆΛ„β‚ŽΰΈ…Λ’Λ’

HI!! Listening to The Maine's new album for the first time only now bc I'm THAT ill-informed LOL!!! Sigh it's so good??? Eargasms throughout the entire thing so far. I need that album!!!'n V glad I'm gg for their concert w Jiat! ^___^ FINALLY SEEING THEM LIVE!!!! thank God they're coming πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

met the BFF at bugis for lunch at TCC today thinking there would be a birthday discount….DENG DENG DENG, turns out bc it's the "eve of public holiday" there was no discount and we PAID FULL PRICE πŸ˜’ annoying shit sia who's idiotic idea was it to categorize EVE of public holidays tgt w public holidays??
are eve of public holidays public holidays? no.
do people not work on eve of public holidays? no.
should u charge eve of public holidays as u would public holidays?? HELL NO.
kns mood ruined.

Hell yeah!!!! YA GURL IS EMPLOYED 😁

my shoulder is peeling and it is 100% gross omg….but I cannot stop scratching 😒 every time I look at my shoulder I feel like some victim of a third degree burn, yes it's that bad. I feel like I'm freaking moulting wtf SOS???

oh and one more thing. so I was feeling kinda tired after the long day, so I decided I wanted to take a bus instead of walk home, impromptu. but I turned my head and GUESS WHAT BUS WAS THERE WAITING?? yes 334!!!! my feeder bus πŸ™‚ God is so good. thank you.

when u cannot find anything about the person u wanna stalk πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“


everybody's posts about BKK only make me think about it more and damnnnn I wanna go there soon 😭😭😭 it's prolly gna be my last trip there for the next…4 years? cos I don't think uni times I'll get to go. oh well rly hope my mum will let me go!!! in like june-july ish

It's been a while since I've sat down and actually finished a book but I'm glad I finally spent ~1h+ today to finish up The Alchemist by Paul Coelho πŸ™‚ really inspirational read!

feel like taking a nap 😴

feels horrible to have your fitness level dip to the point that you can't even do a 5 minute workout properly in one go W/O feeling like dying πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ God give me strength!!!!! I just tried Blogilates I Really Like You Squat Challenge & I quit after like 2 mins + into the workout!!! I FEEL LIKE A TOTAL LOSER πŸ˜“ and then I thought maybe try abs so I did the 5 mins abs vid GUESS WHAT AFTER THE 3rd MOVE GUESS WHO RAISED THE WHITE FLAG (AGAIN??) ugh fts

haven't seen my best friend in a while κ’°ΰ©­ β›βƒ˜βŒ’βœβƒ˜βƒ˜ΰ²ƒ κ’±ΰ»Š and fakkk today I downloaded this app w tons of these unique emojis and i'm officially obsessed HAHAHHH i love them so much!!!! sorry friends for spamming u w them Κ•β€’Ν‘-β€’Κ”

SWEE Nike Janoskis

GG for walkin interview tomorrow for a MAYBE part time job!!!!

FEELS FOR BAKING A CAKEEEE. Plus having the cake mix already in the cupboard πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜› SHOULD I???

added up all my tabs on taobao and it came up to nearly $215 SGD??? that's some cray shit yah 😭😭 thank God I didn't press buy lol wts is wrong w me

oh my gosh. the most paiseh thing just happened to me. I brought $5 exact to buy fish bee hoon for lunch cos I didn't wanna carry any change on the way back. GUESS WHAT. The noodles actually cost $5.20 and the guy from yesterday had undercharged me. I was so PAISEH and I kept apologizing but there was rly nothing I could do other than say sorry cos I brought only my house keys, $5 EXACT and my phone. but Hallelujah by God's grace the seller was nice enough to let it go. Thank you seller!!!! ☺️☺️

AM I EXCITED FOR PLANS THAT MIGHT NOT EVEN HAPPEN?? will BAE-NGKOK2k15 happen???? omg fak i'm excited??? !!!! @glitterdisaster

little children are very noisy πŸ˜‘

So. I watched FF7 (finally!!!) for free w da bae @glitterdisaster and it was….a new experience πŸ˜…πŸ˜… I've never watched another show where I felt so much tension and fear for the characters before HAHHA what more with them crashing (expensive) cars faster than you can say OMG!!! I was abit εΏƒη—› for them cos the cars looked so damn sleek!!! and there was one scene where they crashed a prince's car of net worth 3.4 million πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ all the stunts damn daredevil?? like wth I watch alrd also scared

Is it weird that I noticed their public carparks don't have the barricade thingies? so is it free? HHAHA idk why I notice such weird shit man! but anyway, the ending was so sad though…cos yknow Paul Walker died right and it was just v sad irony that his character was yelling at his partner to wake up after crashing from some building when irl he was the one who passed 😒 so yeah that was sad. and omg when they played See You Again, I started tearing :"( LAME but yah I'm v emotional


My 19th birthday just passed 😦😦 (ikr) and it was just so A W E S O M E!!! I thought I had to blog it 😁😁 the celebrations lasted for almost the entire week, with me meeting up w different groups of friends on different days. It was really a matter of when THEY were free & not me bc they are all employed people πŸ˜‚ which makes me ponder whether I should get a job again or not HAHAH. Well for now I’ll just enjoy loafing around (and not getting any income SOBZ) 

On 20th April:

I met up w Feebs & Tiff at Marina Bay Financial Centre to try out Veganburg!!!! They caved in bc I kept begging HAHHA thank goodness for this branch that’s slightly nearer also otherwise the next other only outlet is at freaking Eunos and EU K(NO)W (HHAHAHHA) there’s no way in hell I’m gg all the way there 😒 

 the Burger!!! I got some mushroom burger & it was v good!!! Also came w a side of fries & broccoli + some fried spinach thingy, tasty tasty πŸ˜„ the burger had a soy patty btw!  
V excited about getting my first ever helium pet/pet dog!!!!        
So happy w my Onigiri :)))) 
so they surprised me w my fav cake of all time (COCO EXOTIC) and the helium balloon!!! + Tiff gave us souvenirs (FOOD) from her recent trip to Japan!!! so yay!!! glad we managed to meet up for my birthday tho it was a short one :)) these people are some of the friends who’ll always have a special place in my heart hehe

21st April:

Parents took me out to dinner @ St Regis Hotel!!!! V good spread and let me tell ya the desserts especially, HOLY MACARONI 😍😍😍 I really wished I had a second or third stomach to eat everything man!!! 


  #fitspo started w the salad      ended w this glorious plate of desserts  πŸ˜β€οΈDad told the St Regis staff it was my birthday and they started singing the birthday song when the guy played it on the piano LOL paiseh   pretty cake but the fondant too darn sweet!!!! tho it was a nice fruit cake overall :))   of course had to get a family shot right 😁 v thankful for my parents for loving me and giving me everytjing I could have possibly needed in a family ❀️
22nd April (my actual birthday) 

Went to the zoo w Audi!!!! Met her at CCK to take a bus to the zoo. Free entry for peeps on their birthdays btw!!! (#justsayin) 




My birthday badge!!!!! πŸ˜›  


INUKA THE POLAR BEAR!!!’ We both fell in love w him ❀️❀️❀️  



LOL so cute this Orangutan hiding from the sun in a sack πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ or should I say smart Orangutan   

  Bought 3 photos as a momento even tho they cost a bomb 😒 worth it though! πŸ™‚ 
A v great day spent there!!!! It made me super happy ^_^ then headed to dinner w Mum & KT at Genki Sushi πŸ’•

 KT gave me a card & balloon!!!   
found this swing at level 4  of OC!!!!
best mum 😘

23rd April:

Thursday wasn’t much so all I did was meetup w the piggies for Milkcow! :> at least we got to meet up πŸ’•πŸ’• 



24th April:

LAZARUS ISLAND!!!! I already dayred this q detailed-ly at so yah check that out if u wanna see!!! but it was a v v v great day w my bae!!!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ we had a picnic at Lazarus Island & it was so perfect 😍❀️

Coconut treesa made me think of the bollywood dance that could have been HAHAHJA  
So pretty WATTTT is this even Sg???  
Meow  Meow    FOOOOOD      I liked this pic a lot hehehehe 
OKAY THIS CONCLUDES THE BIRTHDAY WEEK POST! I’m v thankful for everyone who cleared their schedules to be w me or wished me happy birthday, I appreciate everything and everyone in one way or another πŸ˜„πŸ’• THANK YALL!!! 


As I was walking back from buying lunch I saw this v touching scene. It was just a regular day of school I guess, and this grandfather cycled his bike and ferried his granddaughter to school. He let her get off the bike, then passed her this really huge Barbie backpack from his front basket. This scene really hit home for me cos my grandfather was also the one who brought me to and from school daily when I was in primary school. That’s not all, after she walked into school (without saying goodbye I think), the grandfather still stayed behind and watched to make sure she was surely safe in school grounds before riding off  on his bike.

This made me reflect back on my younger years, back when all we wanted so badly was freedom from our families, to go find our friends in school, I even remembered myself hating when my grandfather carried my bag for me cos I wanted to run as fast as possible into school. Had we really been doing the wrong thing all along? Overlooking the love and care shown by my grandfather, shown through the most mundane and simplest of actions. I felt a bit bitter and guilty after witnessing that encounter, for that little girl could have very well been me, and I too, had overlooked my grandfather’s love all those years ago since primary school. 

Now we’re too concerned with material products, like which newest phone we’re getting as a present, or what gadget etc etc, that we measure the immeasurable (love) with something so easily quantified like the material possessions we are given. I am guilty of that too, but I’m trying to change, and pause to notice the little things in life that our loved ones do for us, without complaining, without fail, that, is truly love at it’s most pure form.

craving Tiramisu!!!!! + I wanna try Sunday Folks lehhh


//sidenote: yay it's finally gna rain!!! ^_^

saw this on twitter and it's crazy??? 😦😦😦 I wanna go!!!! but no one to go with sial

pet peeve: is it just me or is it rly annoying when people suddenly go offline during a whatsapp convo ughhhh like not rly offline per se, just not "online" ughh it annoys the hell out of me?!?? but it still always happens w so many various people

cleared 4 seasons of Parks & Rec

can't wait for taobao stuff to arrive πŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ™Š

there are 2 types of people; 1) avocado lovers and 2) avocado haters
I AM MOST DEFINITELY THE FORMER. Especially avocados on toast omg HAVE U EVEN HAD THEM THIS WAY???? no need for fancy schmancy ways like + poached egg or whatever, just a good ol' piece of toast & cut up avocado on top, I PROMISE U, INSTANT HEAVEN. recently aft a bad bout of horrid avocados, I got 2 nicely ripened ones in a row!!!! now my love for avocados is stronger than ever!!!!! no one can change that πŸ˜€

I feel kinda bad cos I borrowed this book & still have yet to have read more than a few pages of it 😭 PLUS it's already overdue and costing me finessss 😒😒😒

On Point ηš„ outfit





watching Star Awards now and


SO cute!!!!

Hahahaha VIVIAN LAI!!' πŸ’•πŸ’•




V cuteeeeee!!! ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️ love is in the end ^_^