: ) 

Today is a good day so far!!!! Woke up late by any standards (especially my own) and since Popo isn’t back yet I had Gong Gong all to myself 😁 It was a very chill day and it made me reminiscent of the old times. Gong Gong cooked rice for me and we had lunch together ☺️ Then was followed by fruits (jackfruit for him & apple for me) 

Gong Gong is rly someone who’s love for me is very underrated. It’s so easy to overlook at times cos it’s expressed in very simple gestures. He waited for me at home yesterday the entire afternoon cos he knew I didn’t have the house keys. He buys my favourite bananas every since I went through a smoothie phase. He always stuffs money into my hand before I go out. He always gives me extra meat (the good stuff) A parent’s love is unconditional but I think that a grandparent’s love for a grandchild might also equal that. 

Anyway I asked Gong Gong whether he watched movies last time and he told me an anecdote of how he brought Dad to watch movies last time cos Dad could 看霸王戏 (watch for free) haha and I told him we have 3D films now. He sounded pretty excited and I think I might bring him for a movie soon 🙂 

After lunch we sat around in the living room and he sang some old songs to me as usual 🙂 I’m gonna learn them so I can sing them like he always asks me too!!!! 

Sorry it sounds so mundane but I just though it was too good a memory to not chronicle :~)


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