AUSSIE 2k15 (pt2) 

Okay I hadn’t anticipated the length of the post so I split it into 2….or 3 idk. 

The next day we went to Dreamworld!! Our second last day at Gold Coast (or last full day, whatever floats your boat) 


I CANNOT EMPHASIZE MORE THAT WE WOKE UP BRIGHT AND EARLY FOR THIS!!! The park opened at 10am but we got there wayyyy before there was an queue.   

BUSSED there (w bae 😘) and the journey was hella expensive…like 8 bucks or smth AUD.    


What greeted us. FKING SCARY LAH. Oh and I need to mention this – some ang noh lady tried to cut our queue, and FAILED. LOL azn power, lady PLS check the queue properly next time, even your kids knew you were “being embarrassing” (directly quoted)  

PIX w characters to make my trip more worthwhile    

Became designated photographer  and water bottle holder w Jose bc we didn’t take any scary rides HAHHAA  

Quite nice right








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