AUSTRALIA 2K15 (finally!!!!) 

The caption is meant to be about the blogpost, not the trip btw HAHAHAH. Okay maybe slightly about the trip since it has been what the girls & I wanted since like J1! 

So basically I realised that I seldom use this space to update about my actual experiences but rather more on my feelings and I think I need to switch it up a little!! (if anyone cares at all LOL) so this post will be entirely about my Aussie trip that I took ~1 week plus ago (time flies omg) w the girls, Joniel, Pierson & Dejun 🙂 

Tbh I have shit memory and I’m just going to recount everything based on the order of the pix I have in my photo gallery LOL sorry not sorry  


Packed the luggage!!! W the help of Mum who is a PACKING WHIZ. I kid you not. You see all the ribbons and stuff 😂 it’s to help sotong me identify my luggage at the foreign land of Aussie ah 😂


At the airport ~10+!!! I RLY can’t rmb why this pic was taken though….said goodbye to the parents & everything though the others said I seemed v sad the whole time tho I wasn’t!!! I was excited!! Internally. Tired externally LOL


Classic Wing shit bc why not….sitting at the window seat so might as well righht! That aside twas a V shitty flight!!! Only got v little sleep and kept waking up in between…walao had to watch Parks & Rec to keep my imment death from boredom. 




When we finally arrived somewhere. Airport I think?? Had to take a train from the airport to Nerang and we met this nice lady who sorta made us realise that we’ve been pronouncing Nerang the (ne)WRONG (HAHAHHA) way after all. It’s N-uh-rang (as in I rang the bell) we pronounced the chinese way, NI-RANG LOL. paiseh maxxx  

Aiport train to Nerangggg!!! so sleepy I tried to sleep but couldn’t again FML. At least we each got 2 seats each so there was sufficient space for luggage + lying down tho!!


After Nerang we took this tram thingy  to Thornton Street!!! We booked the appt via AIRBNB and I have to say this one was underwhelming. The guy in charge was v nice tho!!! And a fellow Singaporean who migrated to Aussie :)) He even offered to fetch us arnd but we declined la, politely.  (the pic is our first amazing sunset btw) 


Pierson cooked aglio olio! You can see my usefullness ah so useful I stayed out of the kitchen HHAHA it was v salty but A for effort okay!!!   

Panorama of our living room! Many subsequent nights spent here playing Saboteur

AWESOME breakfast by Gladys & I the following day!!!! look at the egg man! no comments alrd right guys?? HAHAHA bacon & eggs + toast awesomeee  

White girl tiemz after breakfast!   

In search of some good malls, Aussie malls PLS step up!!! #stopbatikshops2k15 finally found Pacific Fair Shopping Centre eventually and they shopped a lot ah! Had a so-so burrito for lunch


Random Aussie Street  

ME outside Pacific Fair Mall!!!  

SO PRETTY!!! The river was right outside the mall.  

BAE inside her Heaven lah everything was half price compared to SG lol crazy  

Next on, Target!!!!   Every AZN’s dream man, after hearing all the US youtubers talk about this on their vids!!! we finally set foot here and shopped the house down. I bought tons of chocolates makeup and junk!!!! Yay Target!! 

Tried some PCK style black boots for fun LOL. Also got cheap 4 AUD slippers bc guess who forgot to pack them 💁


Went back to the apartment to rest our tired feet   

and finally visited Surfer’s Paradise Beach!!!! Tbh it was nothing much but it was v pretty and wide – which is something Sg cannot afford to have (not in the monetary sense)   

I tried lah okay!!! It was nice  bc we were coincidentally there during the sunset time so yeah…the sun sets v early btw maybe 5 plus? 

Why not take a dunk in the water? Which turned out to be a not so smart idea bc we all had sandy feet…we who wore proper shoes to the BEACH hahaha who am I kidding we deserved it lah!!!  

Cute jellyfish we spotted. Said jellyfish is also dead  


One is never enough PLS have more of my face even if it is against your will  

During the short time we were there, the sun set completely WTF???   

Had this Pork wrap  at a Greek restaurant near the beach boardwalk and it was superbbbbb! Initially I wasn’t v keen but after one bite of the pork- SOLD. I swear. Damn good. 

ICE CREAM SANDWICH!!! Shared this w Jose heheh even tho I was nursing a sore throat and subsequently  nearly lost my voice but what wouldn’t I do for a little chocolate in my life?? And having this thing in 18 degree weather? SHIOK. #NORAGRETS YOU KNOW WHAT IM SAYIN? 

The next day was beach day. Bc they said the weather would be rainy all crap so we postponed Dreamworld plans. Also the malls were closed bc Easter….I think. 


A very beautiful group shot 🙂 Thankfully Joniel brought his selfie  stick HAHAHHA so asian 




My girls ❤️




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