i’m very lazy to get out of bed now so might as well update Aussie Part 6!!!!! HAHAHA so sorry for the many parts omg….just pray that WordPress! Stops!! Crashing!!!! zz

We were in Brisbane alrd if you don’t remember! πŸ™‚

 We decided the next morning to walk to Fortitude Valley to visit their Chinatown! Passed by this gorgeous brick  on the way there and couldn’t resist  a few pix!!! πŸ™‚ 
#chinphotog2k15 i charge v reasonable rates!!!  Chinatown!!!!  But we were there too early LOL apparently people don’t start operations tillate morning on Sundays! As you can see I wore Converse a lot  ATE Macs for breakfast bc there rly was no other choice 😦   Met this cute uncle selling comic books! He said something that “I don’t do this for the money, I do this cos I like it” awww what a sweet person + inspirational quote  proof that I was there HAHAHA WTS   
took the train to visit some Easter markets!!! πŸ™‚ btw this is what happens when you ask 3 people to pose lol…

 When we arrived at our destination!!! I RLY forgot where this was….  


Cute sign thst somehow made it into my wordpress post wtf?!  

We saw this hugeee patch of grass and since everyone was chilling on it we sat down too! Saw a couple of friendly ang mohs & their dogs!! This one is a bull dog! The owner actually walked around parading her dog and  let everyone pat him hahahah so cute :”)

I also chilled  


There was this giant ferris wheel!!! Reminded me of Sg’s Flyer :)) Rlly pretty!!! We also watched a couple of street buskers perform and it was thoroughly entertaining  

Crossed some bridge to the theatre!!! They were screening Wicked omg :((( I so badly wanted to watch?!? 

Ahhh beautiful Brisbane πŸ™‚ though it was very built up as a city it still somehow looks v charming. 

 Dinosaur exhibit at the museum!!! Which we didn’t go  to bc we had to pay and we were br0ke AZn$ 

Found a photo opp ehhe I look pretty cute here LOL   

Aussie libraries look hella posh?? Piao Liang  

We tried to sit down and read newspapers…YA LOL JK we just wanted to use their free wifi to send pix HAHAH  

The street busker I mentionedNn   

Brisbane mall – CLOSED throughout Easter weekend -_-  

Salvation!!!!! WE FOUND CHEAP KOREAN FUUUD!!!!! :)))) q good I think maybe cos we were hungry!!! 

   Meanwhile…Joniel goes wild about Lock & Lock in the Asian Supermarket downstairs of the restaurant!!! HAHAHHA it was mad hilarious 

I got the marble drink!!!!! It was just a lemon fizzy drink….and it turns out you have to break the bottle to get the marble out LOL how about no πŸ™… what if I kill myself in the process?! Plz

Cathedral of St Stephens!!! We walked past this Cathedral on the first night and finally returned for some photos!!! Sooo super pretty the design was v intricate and olden I love it!!!   



NICE DOOR!!!!!   

Gahhh everything about the Cathedral was so pretty 😍😍😍  


After that since it was our last day we had a good dinner at the Healthy Burger place and DAMN it was so good???? Esp the beef one omg I rly wished I had ordered that instead of my caeser chicken one tho it was good as well!!!! :))) V worth the long waiting time cos they were short of staff! Plus fries portion was ginormous it s like they were feeding cows LOL i mean if you could feed cows fries…  

This was taken during out chillout “Alone” time when we were walking  along the bridge. Everyone became emo for some reason & Jose played Unbreakable and it rly suited the mood. Isn’t this sucha  pretty bridge?? 

 Ok this is me in a mask….and awkward….false alarm that was the second last day not the last day…..sorz  
Pretty bokeh πŸ™‚   Group shot at the  Cathedral! Self timer power HAHAH  bc there was no one else around Picturesque   Hot busker!!!!!! Good music too   Brisbane sunsets πŸ™‚   Finally some shoppig when the malls decided it was ok to open!!! Target > Coles > Lush DO U SEE OUR BAGS??       So cute right all the girls took pix at this deserted mall we found while looking for nougat (that we didn’t find BTW) 

 The real actual final day!!!! The GLORIOUS burger it was fkingggg good!!!!!! (mad fries in the background)  
Pink bridge :)))   

LUSH bath bomb!!!!   So pretty!!!!!   Decided to take a nap before we had to wake at 4 to get to the airport :))    I LOVE THE SKY!!!!!!!!  Me and our bed HAHAHH it was beautiful….like sleeping on clouds I swear!!!  The view from the 25th floor πŸ™‚   MANTRA ON THE QUAY!!! Goodbye and hopefully it wasn’t the last time we met!!!   HHAHHAA took a minibus to the airport omg Joniel (hi & sorry if you’re reading!!!) 

 PHOTO W BAE!!!! πŸ’•πŸ’•   
Err was I sitting next to a burrito on the flight?? JJAHAJK  Ended up getting Nougat at the airport…:so expensive!!!  Sian but it’s a must buy from Aussie so we just spent the AUD!!! We initially asked the airport staff if they sold this and they thought we said NUGGET LOL WTF AHAHHAA we had a good laugh over that for quite long. Thankfully we found it before we boarded πŸ˜€   Approximately 2 movies, 1 meal + snack and a lot of trying-to-sleep later, we arrived in SG!!!! The humidity was rly shit but I have never been happier finally landing on home ground!!! Totally made me treasure what it’s like to have everything familiar around you and not taking forever to count out weird coin denominations etc….it was a v good trip and I don’t think I would have changed anything about it bc amidst all we had fun and that’s what matters πŸ™‚ I am thankful that this was my first vacation exp w friends only; thankful for Dejun & Pierson for leading in the directions bc if it had been me…God knows where weMd be now HHAAH, thanks to Joniel for a lot of laughter on the trip and my girls!!!! for everything and being there w me for this awesome experience!!! Our next trip tgt shall be when u all come to UK!!’ Awaiting that πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•


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