As I was walking back from buying lunch I saw this v touching scene. It was just a regular day of school I guess, and this grandfather cycled his bike and ferried his granddaughter to school. He let her get off the bike, then passed her this really huge Barbie backpack from his front basket. This scene really hit home for me cos my grandfather was also the one who brought me to and from school daily when I was in primary school. That’s not all, after she walked into school (without saying goodbye I think), the grandfather still stayed behind and watched to make sure she was surely safe in school grounds before riding off  on his bike.

This made me reflect back on my younger years, back when all we wanted so badly was freedom from our families, to go find our friends in school, I even remembered myself hating when my grandfather carried my bag for me cos I wanted to run as fast as possible into school. Had we really been doing the wrong thing all along? Overlooking the love and care shown by my grandfather, shown through the most mundane and simplest of actions. I felt a bit bitter and guilty after witnessing that encounter, for that little girl could have very well been me, and I too, had overlooked my grandfather’s love all those years ago since primary school. 

Now we’re too concerned with material products, like which newest phone we’re getting as a present, or what gadget etc etc, that we measure the immeasurable (love) with something so easily quantified like the material possessions we are given. I am guilty of that too, but I’m trying to change, and pause to notice the little things in life that our loved ones do for us, without complaining, without fail, that, is truly love at it’s most pure form.


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