Ain’t just dogs and cats

2 days volunteering at SPCA and I’ve learnt so much. Can’t believe I didn’t think to start on this earlier! Admittedly the smell was a little overpowering at first, (still is actually, for like the first 2 mins or so) but the experience is sooo worth it. And hell you don’t even smell it after a while.

At the SPCA there are staff who look super intimidating and scary, but you look at the way they call the dogs “baby” and “darling” and you know they’re good people at the core. One member of the staff has a tattoo and she’s more gentle than a lamb when she’s with the dogs. Save the judgment for another day, it just doesn’t happen at the SPCA. (#rhyminggamestronk) Day in day out these very same people change the water bowls for the dogs, clean the cages, and play with the animals WILLINGLY. That is such a beautiful thing. From them I’ve learnt how to treat the animals, how to feed the animals, how to take care of the animals. More importantly, how love can truly touch someone deep in the heart, even if someone is just an animal. 
Many of the cats and dogs just long for affection, that’s why the dogs are eveready to lick your fingers when you put them there for them to sniff, that’s why the kittens playfully try to scratch you, that’s why the dog’s tail wags like nobody’s business when you so much as enter their cage to play with them. “All you need is a little love” I cannot agree more with that phrase. My stint at SPCA especially has enhanced the importance of thst phrase to me. 


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