Spain Day 1!!!!

tbh I know it’s 8:21pm in sg alrd BUT it’s still only 2+ pm in Spain! siao one I’m alrd damn tired bc we technically had a rly rly long day!!! if u count the little rest we had on the plane as naps. 

Currently Factory-Outlet shopping & we only got Asics shoes and some chocolate HAHJAJA. but I did see a rly pretty tiedye Superdry shirt! (28 EUROS kns) so I wasn’t allowed to have it basically. wait….I’m sounding quite spoilt yah jajajajaj it was just q pretty!!! and on the bright side I’m trying my best to incorporate more colour into my wardrobe (excuses) ok rant over!!!!

The Factory Outlet is called La Roca Village and we took VERY LONG to get here. Plus it was with the help of a very nice Carpenter guy who led us 3/4 way here with his truck :”) Spain is giving me a very good impression so far with their nice people!!’n So friendly and willing to help. except when dad drove too slowly and a lorry driver got impatient and honked like cray hahajajjaj that was hilarious. And I wish the people here could speak English :((((( or at least have their menus in English! I literally google-translated some pizza ingredients from Spanish to even understand what was on my pizza ( and it turns out we didn’t even order it due to miscommunication HHAHA) Only the sales staff so far speak passable English but overall the Spaniards are still v warm & friendly!!! (albeit in Spanish & we catch no balls) (what’s worse is when we had to ask for directions 😂) cont’ 


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