A tourist’s anecdote

think we’re a family of wildchild(s) HAHA it’s 1230am here in Spain and we’re nowhere near sleeping. 

it’s been such a trip full of eating and eating and eating that I honestly cannot remember where we ate what, except for a few extremely good dishes 🙂 anyways it’s just gonna be a quick post before i’m off to dreamland! 

tonight at one of the pintxo bars when we decided to go pintxo hopping, a chance/fate occurrence took place. Dad wanted to know the name of the alcohol this guy was drinking so he went straight and asked him. the guy turned out really cool, answering him and even saying “you can try it if you want” (haha but ofc being asian we didn’t accept any random stranger’s offer to drink out of his cup, even if he was just being nice #conservative :p) the guy then proceeded to strike up a conversation after asking us where we were from. 

blah blah blah mum & dad talked to the guy & his friend/colleague and we found out 1) they were swiss 2) they were on a business trip 3) they only arrived this morn 4) the guy lived in uk for 8 years 5) the guy spent some time in his youth in some place where rich retirees like hanging out 6) they enjoy southeast asia & our exotic foods

okay the main point, we came to talking about Singapore and our funny laws like the $300 fine against bringing durians onboard trains?? I personally think it’s more of a deterrent bc I’ve never seen anyone attempt that anyway. haha but the way they brought it up was hilarious, the guy’s colleague all wide-eyed in disbelief. the conversation then progressed and the guy’s colleague said “it’s amazing how the singapore government controls crime, it’s the only way to prevent it, to be firm about it (in the form of laws)” and i remember i didn’t even join in the conversation at that point simply bc I was so damn proud of being Singaporean, seriously the pride in my heart could’ve been shining like a heavy duty torch in the dark man. even though we always complain about sg, we still have to admit that sg beats other countries in so many things man, like our safety, low crime rates, awesome food (it’s a haven) etc. and like it or not, people have heard of us and love us for these things. i’m so lucky to have been born and raised a singaporean. we may not have had a long history and whatnot, but what we have, we have come a long way for it, and i’m so thankful. we’re not perfect ofc, but no one is, and everyone has something they can improve on, but this is just me expressing my gratitude for the country I call home. 

after that we talked about durians and the two guys were complaining how they thought the smell was so pungent and the guy even joked that he used a durian sweet as a gag in someone’s coffee or used it as a torture item in their office 😂 then we told them how they could use the water from the shell of the durian to wash off the smell from their hands. 😂 how knowledgable we all become when it comes to food #sosingaporean hahaha. it’s a pity we parted ways without getting either of their names tho, they too shared a lot about their swiss lives but that’s not rly the point of this post. maybe i’ll talk about it when collating about the trip 🙂 ’twas indeed an eye-opening experience! 


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