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So SIVA sent me and she said it was v accurate….what do yall think????



3 Me’s, 1 Life

True Story

As you might be able to discern from the past year of blog posts, I’ve been going through a weird time. “Post-twenties”. “Decade transition”. “Growing up.. but for real this time because I said that at the beginning of my 20s“. I’m definitely not trying to hide my confusion and desire to make sense of as much as I can. I recently realized a major cause of this “uncomfortableness” is the fact that I’m actually 3 different people. And each of them what different things, causing them to fight internally with each other everyday.

1. “Wong Fu” Phil

WFSomewhere along the way I became a “personality”. I never grew up wanting this, I still don’t necessarily need it.. but it’s become my life, and part of my history even if I were to disappear and stop today. This version of me is the largest part and has the most influence…

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I initially wanted to blog about work last night but it turned into a rant 😂😂😂 PICTURES ok since a picture speaks a thousand words it can save my brainpower 😛 It was Clarissa’s last day also and the first day I had a shift w Justin AHAHAHA but it was my last shift alrd 😂        Thanks yall so much, I literally could not have survived if not for yall! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ lots of hearts!!!! ☺️☺️☺️


Felt renewed after Service today. It was amazing like always. And how God must have known what I needed at that exact moment so that he made today’s testimony and preaching all about insecurity. Thank God thank God thank God

Red Light District????

Hey yall! 

So I went for dinner ytd w my parents at this place called CHAR but I think it was a bit of fusion styled food so the signboard actually said CH叉R. Quite cool & punny right! Hahaha like the Cha inside looks like an “A”. Just me? Ok. 

The food was pretty good, but not at all cheap leh 😅 luckily I wasn’t the one paying HAHAH. We had egg fried rice, 3 types of Roasts (duck, char siew & roast pork) and their soup of the day! 

Sorry this pic is so crap HAHAHAH I’m just rly bad at food pics. My parents said the char siew was way too oily (thank goodness I didn’t eat any) but I had q a bit of the roast pork and it was DAEBAK ❤️😍 crispy skin & tender meat YUMZ 😄😄😄 and the duck was nice as well! But apparently their verdict is “won’t go back again” mainly cos it’s all the way at Kallang?? And not worth the drive. 

After the filling dinner we walked arnd Geylang area right next to the Red Light District. I wanted to go see but my mum said too dangerous. Lol okay. Here are some pix I got along the way! (Edited for full effect)

 I took this cos I liked how the lit up signboards gave a v Hong Kong feel!!! (Pic is unedited btw)  

Came across this  “Music Cafe” that tbh looks q dubious and sleazy 😂 I’m sorry HAHHAHA

Old school-ish supermarket!  Found maggie noodles that were cheaper than NTUC but pricing for other assorted items were irregular 


I love this shot!!!!!! Tho my dad says it sucks HAHAHJA I just like the moment of the bus (yes it is a bus not a white huge blurry wall)  

The mosque! We finished dinner just as they were inside praying/breaking fast so there was a lot of shouting & chanting 🙂  Happy Ramadan Mubarak! 

Oops this is a little disorganised but drinks!! The lines are so calming for my slight OCD self hahaha (edited) 

Ya some self lovin’ right in the tidbit aisle  

More self ❤️

Okie so it was a good experience venturing into the otherwise strange area (not strane as in weird, strange as in unfamiliar) 


Till the next adventure! 

Char (LOL)