Personal Updatez


Am back with some personal updates about myself if u so care to know!!! This week has been gr88888 hehee tho SEAgames commitments ended (for good 😦 ) but I’ve been catching up w some friends AKA my A TEAM!!! And sooo glad the BKK trip is materializing beautifully tho we met w some setbacks last night haha. I’ve been feeling very  good lately and this morning I listened to Fight Song again. SO ADDICTED I downloaded the MV onto my phone. It should be everyone’s anthem I swear it’s VERY motivational. I cried. No lie. But then I also cried when I watched ε―ζƒœζ²‘ε¦‚ζžœ mv and jay chou’s version of ε¬θ§δΈ‹ι›¨ηš„ε£°ιŸ³ LOL. Watched Insidious today since PHILLIPS decided to give me an off day πŸ˜‡ very not suited for horror movies man I was half-covering my eyes throughout like expecting some scary shit to pop up on the screen but no….it was actually a lot of loud sound effects and zero plot lolz. But good experience overall! My first horror movie in the theatres πŸ™‚ glad there was this other girl making more noise than me so I wasn’t so paiseh HAHHA. 

Okz pics shall do the talking now!!! (Oh ya and I’m suffering from allergies on both my ears which IDK why but they are itching so badly I can’t even zzz) 

 Picture with Xiaochioz at my work place!!! πŸ™‚  
Raj sent this pic yesterday on the second last shift. (My last shift was over alrd 😦 )  After KTV ytd w the A team (newly christened 倧中小 Retards HAHAHA)ζœ‰ζ²‘ζœ‰???  Couldn’t resist a pic w this SEAgames sign outside JEM! Rly thankful that I met them through SEAgames πŸ™‚  Insidious LOL i survived guys!!!!!  couldn’t find the SG wristband at SEAgames carnival but I found it today in town wooooohp!!!’ 😬😬 


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