Second post of the day WOOHP I AM ON FIREEEE!!!! And it’s been only 15 minutes into the day. Hahahaha jk. Just wanna write down something that’s been on my mind for a bit. Here’s a fact  I have been desperately trying to fill up my “empty” time. Like actually actively seeking out friends to meet with to engage in activities with. (That sounded weird but Y’KNOW.) My mum was right, I have been out of the house a lot. Which is weird bc this is the opposite of what I would have been doing like maybe 6 months – a year ago?? I used to go to the extent of crafting excuses just to get out of outings. I felt horrible but I did it anyway. I guess socialising was tiring for me in a way? Maybe that’s got to do with my MBTI type, specifically the Introverted portion. Which is even weirder now cos if I’m an “I”, then why do I keep going out?

The simple answer: Humans have since long ago found companionship. A “strength in numbers” thing if you will. I mean, ask any person and they’d probably say they prefer having someone to do something with, rather than having to do it alone. What more, some are even uncomfortable watching movies or eating by themselves (not really me) 

The actual answer: (What I think is happening in my situation) I am possibly just to “show off” my social activeness (among my friends) by engaging in activities and taking photos. Hey, meeting someone is always better than hanging around home by yourself right? RIGHT?? Is it really, Charmaine?? 

Without sounding like I’m a try-hard, technology and social media have really been the greatest double-edged sword in modern day. If we’re not posting anything consistently, we’re “losers” or the “pariah”. And what more, everything we post is only after careful scrutiny and purposeful filter selection, to cast a perfect glow of our lives. I am probably deviating (as usual) but I’m sad to say I’m one of those people. Likes and comments are haunting me and many a time I have thought about just shutting down all my accounts and going off the grid but that’s simply not possible. Or maybe I’m not brave enough to try. 

So I think tomorrow I’m just gonna chill out alone and reflect a little. And maybe bake 🙂 not gonna pack my schedule full of meet ups and stuff anymore. 


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