Pep talk/ Work

Today (or rather, yesterday now) was tiring AF. Finally worked a 10 hour shift with a crappy mood. Guess I managed to hold it together for the first 8 hours or so but by Closing I was just PMS-y as FUCK. Rolled my eyes and stuff too. I even skipped 十分钟 just to get my shit done and over with QUICKER. I wiped and scrubbed and washed my heart out so I wouldn’t get criticized but to no avail. Screw it man. 

I think it’s days like these that test your resolve, your determination to hang on despite every sign screaming that you should just quit. Get the hell out, while you can. But as Hetal on MC6 once said “Never take the easy way out” and that’s what I’m gonna do. (The NOT taking part, not the taking part….this is getting q confusing YES) Really tho. It’s always easy to love something when it’s easy to do. When u work around funny colleagues, when u don’t get scolded. “It’s ordinary to love the beautiful, but it’s beautiful to love the ordinary” y’know? Which job doesn’t have their ups and downs? I bet even the World’s Best Job (if it even exists) would have problems sometimes (esp when done by the wrong person) 

So. I’m gonna hang on, by the skin of my teeth, by the clawing of my nails. Just to prove one damn thing. That I can do whatever I set my mind on. I said 2 months (++) and hell you can bet I WILL work that 2 months. The shifts aren’t the greatest but I will survive. 

Anyway, it’s always from the toughest things that make you the greatest. Lol I’m making myself sound so heroic when in fact I’m just gg for my JOB. Lolz lolz lolz. So yeah, come July. I WILL BE A FREE MAN!!!!! LIKE DOBBY WAS A FREE ELF!!!! And all he needed all those times was a fucking sock lol. 


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