EH GUYS. Something cool just happened!!!! WordPress sent me a notif and said I’m writer of the month!!!!! 

And if u believed that then u are truly a 笨蛋+傻蛋!!!! 

Okay the notification just said it’s my anniversary lah okay! On WordPress!! Can’t believe this journey of putting my thoughts out into a whole other universe (ie the Internet) for everyone to see and with no way of deleting has been ongoing for a whole entire year!! Like legit 365 days! That is pretty cool huh. And why did I even think it was a good idea to start a blog!! (I still dunno) Okay I’m sorry that my blogposts always come so haphazardly, with no regular schedule whatsoever. Writing 靠灵感 okay! I write when I’m inspired to, and that doesn’t happen everyday okay. Still, I am sorry. Hahaha. (Who am I kidding no one reads this space anyway.)

I have crapped enough, goodbye! 


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