31 Thoughts All Binge-Watchers Have At Midnight

Hello friends. Another update. & guess what? I HAVE gotten around to changing my password into something I can remember for life, PLUS I am posting on my laptop WOOHOO!

Last night, was the night of nights. (the night, of nights, to remember) (AWW YEAH HSM) Alright, back to the topic. I was somehow dragged into the lull of the dark night. I became, a BINGE-WATCHER. Yes, your eyes do not fool you. I am a binge-watcher. Of Forensic Heroes III no less. And while I was spending my “time-wasting” session on ThoughtCatalog as usual just now, I found something that speaks the words from the hearts of binge-watchers all around the world. There are no differences between us. We are one and the same. Willingly or not, we succumbed. Okay, now the actual post. (TY, ThoughtCatalog)

31 Thoughts All Binge Watchers Have At Midnight

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Paul Matthew Photography
Paul Matthew Photography

1. “I should go to bed.”

2. “Watch one episode to wind down?”

3. “No… I have to be up early tomorrow.”

4. “But what’s 40 minutes? I spend that much time snoozing my alarm.”

5. “One episode won’t hurt.”

6. “It was a busy day, I earned it.”

7. *Watches episode*


9. “One more episode and then I’m done.”

10. “…Maybe?”

11. “No, YES. Definitely done after this episode.”

12. “Oh noooo… I didn’t stop the auto-play before the next episode started…”

13. “Oh well….”

14. “This is the Universe’s way of telling me I’m supposed to watch another episode, right?”

15. “Right.”

16. “Uhhh when did it get so late?”

17. “Whelp. I’m going to be tired in the morning anyway, might as well watch the next episode.”

18. “…And probably the episode after that if I’m being honest with myself.”

19. “I wish there was a job where people were just paid to binge watch stuff.”

20. “Wait, what if there is?”

21. “Must research that tomorrow.”

22. “Oi, I’m going to end up watching this until I fall asleep mid-episode, aren’t I?”

23. “I should really master that whole ‘self control’ concept at some point.”

24. “It’s not my fault this show is amazing.”

25. “Really, the fault lies with the people that made this show, for making it so good.”

26. “Ugh. Ok, I can’t stop watching after that cliff hanger.”

27. “I’ll just watch the first five minutes of the next episode to find out what happens, and then I’ll go to bed.”

28. “LOL that didn’t work.”



31. “After this epi-” *Falls asleep* TC mark


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