I kind of lost count but I think today is Day #5 without air con. AND IT NEEDS TO RAIN. I feel like the clouds were just taunting me up in the sky! Hella annoying seeing them getting darker and larger and darker and larger then, nothing. Like WTF U SELFISH SHITS NEED TO RELEASE SOME MOISTURE ONTO THIS DRY & CRACKED EARTH ALREADY. C’MON!!!!! Ok enough about the weather (lol am becoming a Brit alrd)

Anyway today as I was on my way out I bumped into Mdm Siti from Sunnykids (this student care centre I was in when I was attending primary school) She asked me how I was, what I was doing and I told her I was waiting for uni. Without even hesitating or probing further she said, “You all are doing so well!” and she had this sense of pride as she exclaimed that. At that moment I felt q guilty that I wasn’t even gg into a local U HAHHA oh well. We talked a little about our batch (???) and I was pretty touched she even remembered us after all these years, trust me, it’s been a long time. Then triggered memories of my past “Teacher’s Pet” times. (IT HAPPENED) Those were the days man. I remember being extremely good and polite bc back in the day the centre used to have this Model Student of the month or smth award and I knew they’d make a big deal out of it so I made it my goal for one of the months. It was a big thing and I’d get my name on the board somewhere in the centre and then it was like woaahh pretty cool huh. Anyway, one way or another, I got it. Also became Teacher’s Pet in the process and it felt good HAHAHA. I think my English was one of the best there so when we had this English test or something, I quickly answered and was let out of class for lunch in a flash. The pride was overwhelming in little me 😂😂 Kinda want those times back. 

I remember little me being way more outspoken and curious (in a questioning way, I’m still curious now) and I wonder what’s changed sometimes. 

Oh, back to the topic, Mdm Siti asked about my batch and I was forced (not in a bad way) to list my friends I had while I was at the centre. Melody, Khoi Yian, Yi Ping, Zhi Ning and some boys. We even had a photo taken before. Then I wonder how exactly we drifted apart, it’s all kind of sad. During times like these I wish we’d had technology like Whatsapp to keep us closer. 


Overall I’m glad I met Mdm Siti and rekindled all these memories I’d otherwise have just left locked in a box at the back of my mind for the rest of my life. 




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