Culture of Indifference???!!

Gonna straight up say it. This culture of indifference (brought about by or intensified by the improvement of technology, we’ll never know) irks the HELL out of me. Seriously. Since when did it become cool to…just be indifferent? Blue ticks, hell yeah man. Cos I’m so “cool”. 

Reality check: Indifference (eg. blueticking) is so not cool. In fact, it means that you give so little thought to your friends/family/acquaintances that you DON’T BOTHER GIVING THEM WHAT, 5 SECONDS OF YOUR P R E C I O U S TIME to reply. Wow, cool right? Everybody’s doing it, right?? No. And the best excuse so far, you’re busy and “forgot”, wow wow 100% chance I’d believe you there mate! 😊 yup, 100 freaking percent. I don’t care how “busy” you are, it’s basic respect to reply when someone talks to you/tries to communicate. 

The rise of technology and the increase in usage of online chats has made being indifferent even easier. The blue-ticker doesn’t even have to give two hoots after they blue-ticked, simply because they probably wouldn’t have been meeting up anyway. But in the POV of the person who was ignored, the impact is way greater than one can imagine. As a “victim” (lol) of such behaviour, I for one can vouch that it’s not a wonderful feeling at all 🙂 

Anyway, the point of this post isn’t to indirect at any particular person, rather to voice my thoughts on this culture of indifference. If we can do this on our chats, what’s to stop this behaviour from perpetuating in our other areas of life? P.s I do not blue tick anyone HAHAA. 


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