Monthly Archives: September 2015

Day 3

Mistake. Ate…..too…..much for dinner…..!!! Actually I did control lor just that dessert was FREAKING APPLE CRUMBLE AND I WAS PILING IT INTO MY BOWL LOL. Shit la plus I alrd ate so much WangWang HAHAHAH damn it. That packet was supposed to last me 3 months man

….kind of looks unappetizing huh but I was rly hungry and there was a huge hoo-ha before that so I was kind of pissed and I gobbled it down quickly. But now I'm full af and quickly regretting my not-so-good decision ha @ me

Rightmost guy……the things u see just from sitting at the dining room man. The thing is idk how he had so much luggage space to pack a frickin onesie?!!!



As I write this I am super tired and am currently slumping on the chair at the FREAKING ARTS BUILDING Of LU & the past 2 days have been tiring 

Life is better….made 2 friends but I missed the night event last night 😦

Still thankful for my new friend who took care of me literally tho I only knew her for like 2 minutes


3:51pm // currently v sad cos I have been by myself in the room/walking about and my entire level of people are basically non existent 😭😭😭 seriously dunno where they are and I'm SAD AND ALONE AND IM GONNA DIE (jk but still) there's club ish activities tonight ALRD but I might give it a pass cos TIRED AS HECK LA I need a break (I seldom say this HAHA) God bless please I need to make new friends in this strange environment :"(

Risotto for dinner!!!! Last night. We only ate like 3/4 LOL cos AZN stomach 😅 the soup was too big the main course was too big, everything was too big for our lil azn stomachs HAHHAA but the price also ex sia sian

1:12pm (UK time already) // watching the BBC programme on TV and the news about Middle east's refugees is making me so sad but there's really nothing we can do. So much is real, more real than in Sg and the information is just pounding on your head daily. May God bless those refugees 😦

FINALLY reached Lancaster about half an hour ago and spent it trying to get sim cards for mum & I. Found out that every single place we went to (Superdrug, SPAR and even the Three shop itself) ran out of the top-up(pable) sim cards!!!! Went on a wild goose chase and bought 2 99p sim cards only to find out they were micro sim & not NANO sim (iPhone sized) which is damn WTF bc it's so confusing. But we ended up at the telco Three again and thank God srsly they had 2 spares.

thank God thank God thank God!!! So now Mum & I both have UK sim cards and Superdrug refunded us for one of the cards we bought wrongly!!! So it's 皆大欢喜 plus we found out St Nicks square has many shops and it's good to shop in so ya 😀 that's the plan for tmr hehehe and bux omg maybe i'll try pumpkin spice latte??? Ps the weather is about 15 degrees but I AM ALIVE

Ootd cold af

Dinner menu hehehehehe so hungry tho