Rants & stuff.

Hello I am here to rant. And elaborate on some thoughts.


The weather: ugh ugh and uuuuuuughHhHhHH wtf. Seriously we have been having somewhat of a ~heatwave~ here in (already) sunny ol’ SG. 🙂 so that’s great. Not to mention the horrible effect it has been having on my temper lol I am so angry constantly, I could get angry at anything really. Try me. Or don’t. It was 34 degrees CELSIUS this afternoon indoors and then the other day it was 30 degrees CELSIUS in the evening. In the freaking evening. Like when can this hell stop?!? Oh I know. When I get on a plane and fly a few hundred kilometres away from home. Yay! (sarcasm) but seriously though who could deal with a more ~chill~ Sun yeah pls tolong a bit. 

Some friendships: obviously ’tis the season of university and with that comes change, be it changes in life or in environment or PRIORITIES. You can just tell when friends don’t give a shit about you anymore vs friends who bother. The same people who go to school and have shit to deal with can either still hang out with me or nah. I mean, I’m learning to take these things in my stride y’know. Some friendships were not made to last forever. 

Elections: Yay! All very exciting stuff! Nomination Day was 1st Sept (yesterday) and we finally know who’s contesting where! (Though I really didn’t see the need of keeping it a secret all this while. Oooh your candidates ~wow~ so secret, I didn’t already guess it. Tyvm.) The papers this morning made me all the more excited about this Elections. I mean, how could it not??? First time in 24 years that all seats are being contested, IE no walkovers that were previously seen in constituencies like Tanjong Pagar where the great Mr Lee Kuan Yew held his fort. I’m all for diversity especially in parliament and this Elections I’m all the more interested in what the opposition parties have to offer. (Case in point, I printed 46 pages of the WP manifesto this morning, albeit accidentally) Times like these I wish I lived in a more exciting SMC y’know, Yuhua is so, Yuhua. I was perking up my ears for anything to be mentioned on Yuhua yesterday during the live broadcasts at the nomination centres but (close to) nothing was mentioned about tiny tiny Yuhua. Yeah 22,000+ of us that don’t matter enough for you to field reporters here right? I understand. Sorry if we’re such an easy win for you man! Soooo excited for Aljunied GRC man, with WP working their grounds for the past 4 years, I’m so ecstatic to see what the residents choose! Will they let PAP reclaim the throne or let WP remain reigning? 🙂 also noticed that the PAP didn’t put any ministers in Aljunied GRC this time haha probably to avoid a repeat of the GY incident. So yeah, much to look forward to this time! I’m even gonna attend a rally! (Or Two) 
Ok that’s enough word vomit for a day. Au Revoir


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