It just dawned on me that different people quantify relationships differently. (Relationships as in friendships, bgr ETC) Which, in a world that is so driven by the need to define things by a NUMBER (weight, height, grades, even THIS), might not be through any fault of their own at all (the fault, is in our stars(ba dum tss)) 

Okay, to be fair, I don’t even think the point is that people quantify their relationships, because it is undeniable that it happens. The point is, that the quantifying might not necessarily match up to the depth of the relationship that it is supposedly linked to. 

Eg. If person A weighs their relationship with person B through the number of times they text a day/week/month, does it really mean that they were closer given that they text more? Seriously? There are probably thousands of other factors, depending on whether 1) the person is texting just cos of boredom 2) the CONTENT of the messages 3) the intention of the person 4) whether Person A is practically forcing an answer out of Person B. 

Apply the situation to any other methods of quantifying. By how often you meet? How often you call each other? Or even how often you video call? It applies. 

The answer lies in that the foundation for the relationship is already set beforehand. The depth of the relationship, the type of relationship between 2 people. (Eg, h2h/ just friendly conversations?) you can still be close to a person emotionally if you don’t meet/text/anything often. Life gets in the way. But if Person A & B can hit it off when they meet after regardless what amount of time they have not met, then of what importance is that measly piece of information? It would only serve to make us feel bad and obliged to do something. Just have a good time. Friends are your friends for a reason. They like you and they’ll like no matter what. They’ll support change in you (unless you smoke, then I won’t), they’ll be there for every spring, summer, autumn and winter. 

Okay, to avoid sounding even more #pretentious than I probably already am, goodbye! 


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