Hello Goodbye pt 2

Okay the first part was mainly about the show and soooome reflection. Then I realised I’d forgotten to touch on another very jarring part of that – the SG theatre/arts scene. 

Of course, what I’m about to elaborate are merely my thoughts and also may be quite myopic and limited due to my lack of personal experience (??) in other areas of the arts scene, therefore the focus on mostly theatre. But yeah, my two cents. 

I noticed that the venue was small. Granted, Wednesday night blah blah, I know the drill. The turnout was great though, the small theatre at SRT was packed. Albeit most faces were foreigners ironically, since it is a local production. Also, the program booklets were basically free for all, donation based only. Which I suppose is in a way a sort of advertisement if people take the brochures but also then only appealing to people’s sense of generosity. I looked into the donation box and there wasn’t a lot there. Awksz…..

Unlike other bigger scale productions such as by W!ldrice or Dream Productions, where program booklets are usually sold, the program booklets were given out free for Hello Goodbye. I felt a bit torn about it too, as a member of the audience, I’ll take a free booklet any day but also this means less (compulsory) financial support the production itself which would then result in domino effects. 

The theatre scene in SG has no doubt been a point of contention by many people in the arts scene themselves as well but personally I think it is improving. As someone who (very luckily) has been going for W!ldrice’s yearly pantomines with my aunt+uncle & cousin, it has become a tradition. While some may say it can still be polished, the cast gives their all every performance and none of them have been a letdown. If only more people #supportlocal 😦 


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