Hello Goodbye

So! ‘Twas as exciting night where I went watch a play with my parents at the Singapore Repertory Theatre. The play was Hello Goodbye and the lead actors, Denise Tan & Shane Mardjuki respectively. It has certainly made me very introspective about various issues, while maintaining the Romantic Comedy-esque vibe of a play.

I’d say it was a rare opportunity for me cos my maximum “play attendance” would include W!ldrice year-end pantomines and that was it. But I thoroughly enjoyed this funny, open, and entertaining gem of a play. The 2 leads had imo crazy chemistry on stage and (SPOILERS ALERT!!!!) they really illustrated the relevant feelings from hating each other the moment they met to loving each other (I know right!!!!) 

Apart from the funny dialogue and puns made on stage, the open cursing and “fucks” thrown around on stage (literally) also played a part in the humour. I also noticed the male and female leads were drastically different in their behaviour and disposition as well. She, (Juliet) is the vulgar “casanova” (ah to hell with gender roles lol) who cusses like a sailor, he, the stoic “collector” of sorts who turns out to have a sentimental side. An unlikely couple thrown together in the first place (literally because they were first acquainted when their respective property agents both sold the same house to BOTH of them) 

The plot, begins when Juliet moves into the house after having slept with her boyfriend’s best friend (HAHAHAH) and thus being on a break with boyfriend. She meets Alex (amazing name btw) who happens to also have keys and turns out to now co-own the place, already hanging his frames of “collector’s items” on the walls of the apartment. Fast forward from all the chaos ensuing, they end up finding out a lot about each other, and (surprise surprise) kiss and make up (literally) in the  final scene of the first act. 

Second act comes around and it’s 10 years later. Both have thrown in the towel on the marriage and are now meeting for the final time to sort out their stuff. The stuff that belonged to neither one of them singularly, but both of them. More chaos and arguments and I just thought the unravelling of the internal kinks of the relationship was very well acted out. She wanted kids, he didn’t. Infidelity. (surprise surprise, again, guess who?) She didn’t feel like he collected enough “her” moments, for a collector. 

It came down to a trunk that could never be opened by her, that he had owned the key to all along. It is opened and she found all of her stuff. He had cared after all. A beautiful story of compromise. A line that stuck with me, “I was happy, just not laugh-out-loud happy”, “Maybe I needed laugh-out-loud happy!” again how different people’s perceptions and needs can be part of a bigger problem eventually.  

He had sold his collections and wounded up with half a million dollars to go witj her on an island and fulfill her mum dreams. Of course she agreed.  

A simple set but dedicated and hilarious cast. This was taken post-production when they started posing HAHAJA. Just wonderful. #supportlocal 


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