YES and it IS Friday night and I am chillin’ in ma room although there is the sound of the Lonsdale peeps making a hell load of noise enjoying their TGIF. Well!!!! Who’s to say I’m not enjoying mine too huh? 🙂 I am btw. Although it is a much toned down version. Chill night in.

Ok, to my main point. I SURVIVED A WEEK OF SCHOOL!!!! One week of feeling lost, of having (close to) no friends, of doing laundry, of waking up like not knowing wHAT THE SHIT to expect, of walking around school trying to familiarise with my surroundings, of TRYING AND TRYING AND TRYING. I did it!!!!! One week, out of like 11 more to go before I am back in SG where I belong!!! WoooOOOOO. I really miss home man. But that said, I’m getting used to things here. Cheap chocolate DOES NOT mean you have to buy it all and snack before each meal, but overall higher prices here does not mean you stinge like a miser either. Balance, balance, balance. See? I’m gonna find my way here just now.

Really grateful for the people I’ve met here who at the very least accept me for who I am 🙂 Hopefully the group (read: class) part gets better and people speak to me in ENGLISH not Chinese or CANTO which is even worse than Chinese bc I catch no ball.

So…ya forgive me if I choose to pamper myself tonight ie. starting a new show HTGAWM (YAAAAS) and not even setting an alarm for tomorrow bc DAZ DA LIFE!!!! Heeheheh. Oh and I must add, cleaning your own bathroom sucks esp when it starts to stink and you have no idea which part is stinking and you drop so much hair it scares you THEN it angers you bc you actually have to pick up those gross strands from the floor and the shower and the basin and you wish you could be bald OR JUST STOP DROPPING HAIR. DAMNIT. But hey, #independence

Last but not least, I went for a yoga class!!! And paid the 5 pound deposit for the whole year right after the taster session cos it was tbh v enjoyable and the teacher had such a relaxing voice and I can foresee myself needing this place of refuge in the coming year even when it’s just 1.5h in a week 🙂 Can’t wait!!! (the majority of those taking the class was ang moh too so HI MY OPPORTUNITY IS HERE)




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